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Hey, America: We Have Too Many Teachers

Andrew Coulson believes education staffing increases have been wasteful

(Newser) - President Obama wants Congress to send more money to states so they can "rehire even more teachers" and help America educate its way to prosperity. But Cato Institute education guru Andrew Coulson thinks it's time to do the exact opposite. "America's public schools have warehoused 3... More »

Insiders: Paul OKed Racist Newsletters to Boost Sales

Washington Post report says Paul knew all about controversial passages

(Newser) - Ron Paul absolutely knew about the racist, anti-Semitic, and homophobic content in his newsletters—and, indeed, strategically embraced it as a means of boosting sales, sources tell the Washington Post . "It was his newsletter … so he always got to see the final product," says one former secretary... More »

Don't Dodge Recession: The Case Against Stimulus

Legislation props up the weak, blows up debt

(Newser) - There’s a near-consensus in DC that the recession calls for major government action. But on the libertarian fringe is what Politico calls “the Do Nothing Crowd.” This group tends to think there's no alternative to letting the economy, which became "filled with phantom wealth," contract,... More »

3 Stories