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Google Gets First Self-Driving Car License

Future car hits the road in Nevada

(Newser) - Google is officially speeding into the future now that it has its mitts on the first-ever-issued license for a self-driving car , courtesy of the state of Nevada. There's just one hitch: state regulations require that the self-driving car must have two human operators inside—one behind the wheel to... More »

Textbook License Requires You to Be a Better Person

... or at least try

(Newser) - Licensing agreements can make for dry reading, but BoingBoing points out an interesting exception. Eugene Blanchard's textbook Introduction to Data Communications is free online , and Blanchard allows people to use it however they see fit. His licensing agreement, however, asks for a dozen unusual things in exchange. Some examples:
  • "
... More »

FAA Revokes Northwest Pilots' Licenses

Distracted duo have 10 days to appeal

(Newser) - The distracted pilots of Northwest Airlines Flight 188 are no longer pilots: the FAA today announced it has revoked the licenses of Timothy Cheney, 53, and Richard Cole, 54, for the incident last week in which the pair overshot their destination airport by 150 miles. The pilots, who attributed the... More »

Lizzie Borden's Hometown Museum Wins Rights to Name

Fall River bed and breakfast keeps accused murderer's brand local

(Newser) - Lizzie Borden would be so proud. Merchandise bearing her name is now the exclusive property of her hometown Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast in Fall River, Mass., the Boston Globe reports. The B&B prevailed before the US Patent and Trademark Office in securing the rights to the infamous spinster’... More »

Seattle Smacks Down Fake Wrestling League

Classifies spoof as a sport, then regulates it

(Newser) - Seattle has put the smackdown on a mock-wrestling circuit that stages WWE-style bouts in bars, putting the fake league is in the strange position of trying to prove its antics aren't a sport. Seattle Semi-Pro Wrestling, which started as an "art joke" in 2003, says it's merely staging theatrical... More »

China Cans Oasis Gigs Over Tibet Sympathies

(Newser) - China has canceled two Oasis concerts in April because band member Noel Gallagher appeared at a Free Tibet concert more than 10 years ago, NME reports. The decision “has left both Oasis and the promoters bewildered,” a statement from the band read. Calling the band "unsuitable,"... More »

Iraq Denies Blackwater Contract

Official: 'They have a bad history'

(Newser) - The Iraqi government has refused to grant Blackwater a license to continue its security work in the country, the New York Times reports. The controversial firm probably won’t exit the country at least until spring, as the US and Iraq work on rules for private contractors. “There are... More »

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