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Feds Sue JPMorgan Over Bear Stearns Shenanigans

Meanwhile, Morgan Stanley fined for Facebook IPO irregularities

(Newser) - JPMorgan is staring down a lawsuit over Bear Stearns' alleged mortgage-backed securities misconduct. The National Credit Union Administration, the federal regulator that oversees credit unions, has sued the big bank, alleging that Bear Stearns misled the credit unions it sold $3.6 billion in securities to, causing many to collapse,... More »

Feds Seize Wholesale Credit Unions

Regulators move to stabilize credit union industry as condition reaches critical

(Newser) - Federal regulators have taken control of two major wholesale credit unions, which provide services to thousands of credit unions nationwide, to stabilize the industry, Bloomberg reports. The institutions, which have combined assets of $57 billion, failed the so-called stress test, showing an unacceptably high level of risk from mortgage-backed securities.... More »

Feds Bail Out Credit Union Network With $80B Guarantee

US injects $1 billion into nonprofit company that provides services to credit unions

(Newser) - Federal regulators yesterday expanded their bailout of the financial sector, injecting $1 billion into one of several nonprofit companies that services credit unions nationwide and offering a guarantee of up to $80 billion for uninsured deposits at the “wholesale” credit unions, reports the Wall Street Journal. Regulators acted after... More »

3 Stories