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Japan's Fans 'Make Statement' at World Cup—With Trash Bags

Japanese fans came armed to clean up the stadium after their team's match

(Newser) - They showed up at the World Cup match sporting trash bags. That's what the BBC is reporting about fans of "Samurai Blue," the Japanese national soccer team that beat Colombia's players 2-1 Tuesday in Russia. After the soccer teams' jobs were done in Saransk's Mordovia... More »

A Few Myths About Washing Produce

No, you don't need produce wash

(Newser) - Obsessed with using produce wash, or cavalier about biting into unwashed organic fruits and veggies? Modern Farmer dispels a few myths about cleaning produce:
  • "Produce wash is a must": Yes, produce wash claims to destroy more bacteria, but the Center for Food Safety reports that tap water is as
... More »

New Trend: Not Washing Your Jeans—for Months

Raw denim enthusiasts like it dirty

(Newser) - Why spend $150 on ripped, faded, and worn designer jeans when you can make your own—by not washing them for six months? That's the thought process behind lovers of "raw denim," who wear the same pair over and over and over again, even sleeping in them. "... More »

My Kitchen Failed a Restaurant Inspection

A warm fridge, and a cat, are partly to blame

(Newser) - NYC begin requiring restaurants to post their health inspection grades in their windows in July, and that got Henry Alford wondering how sanitary his own kitchen is. So he decided to find out. At noon one day last week he called the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and scheduled... More »

96% Say You Wash Hands; Only 85% Actually Do

11% of adults are dirty liars about hand-washing

(Newser) - The good news: 96% of adults claim they always wash their hands in public restrooms, according to a phone survey. The bad news: only 85% of adults actually do, a new observational study finds. Despite the dirty people who are lying about their hygiene habits (and, perhaps, sharing a bread... More »

Dirty-Dealing Madoff Was a Clean Freak

Ponzi schemer a Luddite who crawled on all fours to align rugs

(Newser) - "Neat freak" may be one of the more polite epithets used to describe Bernie Madoff, who comes off as an obsessive-compulsive nut in a Fortune profile by James Bandler and Nicholas Varchaver. In immaculately tailored suits, he dusted furniture and got down on hands and knees to straighten rugs.... More »

Struggling Airlines Pitch Clean(er) Planes

As customers become more valued, so does customer service

(Newser) - United Airlines used to give its planes’ interiors a thorough cleaning only every 6 months to save cash. But with carriers now fighting for every passenger, cleanliness has become a crucial weapon, the Chicago Tribune reports. Some United planes now get “heavy” cleans every two weeks. “People don’... More »

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