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Obama: North Korea Can't Manipulate Us Anymore

'Those days are over,' he says after meeting with South's new leader

(Newser) - North Korea can no longer generate major international incidents at will with nuclear provocations, Barack Obama said today, asserting the United States and South Korea are fully capable of defending themselves. "The days when North Korea could create a crisis and elicit concessions, those days are over," Obama... More »

Kim Jong Il's Will: Keep Peace by Building Nukes

But purported document advises waiting for a new president in South Korea

(Newser) - Kim Jong Il's last wish was for peace with South Korea—or at least, it was according to a document that a pair of South Korean think tanks claim is the dear leader's will. In it, Kim writes that North Korea should renounce its war with South Korea,... More »

North Korea Threatens Civilian Flights

South Korean-US military exercise rattles Pyongyang

(Newser) - North Korea said it could not guarantee the safety of civilian flights near its airspace in light of a joint US-South Korean military exercise, the Telegraph reports. The annual exercise, which South Korea and the US say is purely defensive, is for next week. Pyongyang warned that it could not... More »

Tensions Flare as N. Korea Axes Pacts With South

Risk of border skirmishes looms

(Newser) - North Korea is unilaterally scrapping all agreements with South Korea as political and military tensions mount between the rival neighbors. The North Koreans are even repudiating the 1953 truce which ended the Korean war, reports the New York Times. Analysts see the move as a tactic to grab the attention... More »

4 Stories