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Hugh Jackman Helps Rescue His Own Kids

Son, daughter were caught in rip tide on Aussie beach

(Newser) - It was a scary day at the beach for Hugh Jackman on Saturday, and the on-screen superhero had to play one in real life. As 9news reports, the actor and his kids were at Australia's Bondi Beach when daughter Ava, 10, and son Oscar, 15, got caught in a... More »

'Tide of the Century' Strands Medieval Island

2 dead as thousands flock to see Mont Saint-Michel

(Newser) - What do you call a "supertide" that comes every 18 years? Why, the "tide of the century," of course—and it dazzled thousands yesterday in northern France and south-western England, the Telegraph reports. In fact, it momentarily cut off scenic Mont Saint-Michel island from the coast of... More »

The Moon Isn't Round— It Bulges Like a Lemon

The moon has a small bulge in its middle, but we can't see it

(Newser) - We may have walked on it 45 years ago, but scientists have only now discovered the true shape of Earth's moon. And while it appears to be a perfect sphere, it's actually "like a lemon with an equatorial bulge," one researcher tells the New York Times ... More »

Giant Waves Pound California Coast

Swimmer missing; smugglers' boat crashes

(Newser) - A high surf advisory is in effect until 5pm along the central California coast, as the damaging impact of the huge waves pounding the area comes to light: A body-boarder has gone missing, and a marijuana-smuggling boat crashed on shore, likely a victim of the powerful surf, the AP reports.... More »

Supermoon Stranded 5 Ships: UK Coastguard

'Blame the moon' for low tides, exposed sand

(Newser) - Though it had nothing to do with Japan’s earthquake, this weekend's " supermoon " may be to blame for the stranding of five ships off the UK, the Telegraph reports. Low tides Saturday night left sandbanks particularly exposed, temporarily grounding a 3,200-ton cargo ship, among other vessels. “... More »

New Power Source Catches a Wave: Ocean Tides

(Newser) - In the search for renewable energy, Europe and the US are turning to one of the earth’s most abundant resources—the tides, Bloomberg reports. Technology developed three decades ago to turn tidal energy into electricity in developing countries is finally finding traction in the West. The largest grid-connected turbine,... More »

6 Stories