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Cheap and Comforting: Food Trends for 2009

Gourmet outlines how we'll eat well in the downturn

(Newser) - With a recession weighing on our minds (and wallets), Gourmet breaks down new home cooking trends for 2009:
  • Drinking will, unsurprisingly, be on the rise, with a wider variety of high-end spirits for simple homemade cocktails.
  • Simple ingredients like large beans will be central in a new wave of easy,
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Trader Joe's Cuts Chinese Food Imports

Discount gourmet grocer acts on fears of pesticides, antibiotics

(Newser) - With customers worried about the safety of food imported from China, Trader Joe's said yesterday it will withdraw garlic, frozen spinach, and other “single ingredient” items from its shelves by April 1, reports the Los Angeles Times. The discount gourmet retailer will continue selling items made with ingredients from... More »

FDA Plans to Open Outpost in China

Inspectors could block contaminated food from being exported to US

(Newser) - America's food imports from China are rising and the Food and Drug Administration is planning to start exporting American inspectors to protect the US food supply, Reuters reports. FDA officials hope to open a China office to help them raise food safety standards and to make it easier to act... More »

China OKs US Health Inspections

Beijing renews objections to 'hyped' product safety concerns

(Newser) - China will allow US health inspectors to monitor the country’s food and drug exports, the Washington Post reports, a big concession in heated high-level trade talks. China accuses the US media of tarnishing its reputation by overblowing safety concerns, and has in turn questioned US exports. China is the... More »

Pot Calls Kettle Contaminated

Citing safety worries, China puts the brakes on meat imports from some US processors

(Newser) - In an apparent retaliatory move, China has addressed concerns about food safety—by halting imports from several American meat processors. The country's inspection agency posted a notice on its website late yesterday saying that salmonella-contaminated chicken produced by Tyson and products from several other large US firms had flunked inspection,... More »

China's Surplus Soars to $26.9B

Weak yuan is driving China's economy to a record expansion; trade surplus nearly doubled

(Newser) - China's trade surplus surged to a record $26.9B in June, an 87% increase since last year. Economists attribute the trade gap to China's significantly—as much as 40%—underpriced currency, the yuan, reports Bloomberg. Half of China's surplus is with the US, which recently began preparing legislation to sanction... More »

China Executes Ex-Food and Drug Czar

Regulator convicted of taking bribes to compromise food safety

(Newser) - China carried out a swift death sentence against the former head of its food and drug administration today, in an apparent reaction to concerns about the safety of its exports. Zheng Xiaoyu was killed just over 2 weeks after the supreme court rejected his appeal on a May conviction for... More »

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