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What's the Fallout from Daschle's Withdrawal?

Major issues in the wake of Daschle's withdrawal

(Newser) - Tom Daschle gave up his nomination for Health and Human Services Secretary, raising a host of questions, Matthew Cooper writes at Talking Points Memo. Did an issue besides tax problems arise? Was the decision really Daschle’s, or the administration’s? Some other big issues:
  1. How many Obama nominees will
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Daschle Plugged Sugar Daddy for White House Job

Mogul Hindery employed former senator at high pay; his limo service at root of tax flap

(Newser) - Health and Human Services nominee Tom Daschle advocated for an administration position for business patron Leo Hindery, Politico reports. Hindery gave Daschle a high-paying job (and the car service that led to tax questions), and Daschle suggested Hindery for a government role—maybe commerce secretary or trade representative. “It... More »

2 Stories