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Judge Issues Warrant for Lindsay Lohan's Arrest

Orders her fitted with an ankle bracelet if she posts bail

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan failed to show up in court this morning, prompting the judge to issue a bench warrant for her arrest. Lohan's excuse was that someone stole her passport, reports TMZ , but Judge Marsha Revel wasn't buying it. She set bail at $100,000, and said that even if Lohan... More »

Flu Gone Wild: Vid King Busted For Missing Court Date

Francis 5 hours late for tax-evasion hearing

(Newser) - The flu has sleaze-meister Joe Francis going a bit wild himself, his lawyer tells E! Online. The Girls Gone Wild producer was arrested yesterday after he was five hours late to a Los Angeles court for a tax-evasion hearing. Francis is accused of hoarding $20 million in bogus deductions. More »

2 Stories