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Sam Worthington: From Bricklayer to 'It' Guy

The Aussie heartthrob refuses to play the Hollywood game

(Newser) - The buzz about Sam Worthington began with his role in Terminator Salvation; by the time Avatar came out, it was official: This former bricklayer is Hollywood’s next big thing. He auditioned for the first time on a whim, and made something of a name for himself in his native... More »

Dead Body Found in Christian Bale's Old Backyard

'Terminator' star did not know about the body, cops say

(Newser) - Christian Bale finally has something worth screaming about: a dead body in his own backyard. While the actor was busy filming Terminator: Salvation—and throwing his infamous tantrum—the body of a missing man lay buried outside his New Mexico rental home. Police found the body of Michael Snyder, who... More »

What Hollywood Learned This Summer

(Newser) - Hollywood is in the middle of an illuminating summer. The season started strong, with Star Trek, The Hangover, and Up, before things seriously cooled off, reports the Los Angeles Times. Some big releases await, but here are some of the lessons learned so far:
  • Playability has eclipsed marketability: Films with
... More »

Up Hits Box Office Heights

(Newser) - Pixar’s Up floated to the top of the box office this weekend with $68.2 million, USA Today reports. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian came in second with $25.5 million. Though critics loved it, Drag Me to Hell debuted to just $16.8 million, while... More »

Stiller's Museum Beats Terminator

(Newser) - Even the Terminator couldn’t beat Ben Stiller's Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, which banked $53.5 million this weekend, Reuters reports. Terminator Salvation finished second with $43.0 million—but did haul in a $56.4 million 4-day total after opening Thursday. Star Trek ($22 million),... More »

Terminator Nemesis Looks Familiar: It's Google

(Newser) - Could Google be SkyNet from the Terminator movies? Chris Dannen sees a resemblance, he writes for Fast Company. Heck, Google might be worse; SkyNet didn’t take over until 2029, but Google managed it by 2009. “Sure, one uses a giant Web crawler to index pages,” Dannen allows,... More »

Batman Tougher Than John Connor: Bale

Using guns much easier than using fists, actor says

(Newser) - Who would win in a battle between Batman and John Connor? Christian Bale’s money seems to be on the Dark Knight, the Mirror reports. “Batman’s a hell of a lot tougher to do because he’s all physical,” Bale told E! “He doesn’t use... More »

Terminator Splits Critics

Opinion divided over 'heavy-metal' flick

(Newser) - Critics agree on one thing about Terminator Salvation: It’s loud. As to whether quality matches volume, opinion runs the gamut:
  • AO Scott, in the New York Times, praises director McG’s “efficient, reasonably swift storytelling” and “mastery of the vernacular of chases, fights, explosions and crashes.”
... More »

Terminator Director Excuses Bale Rant

McG takes responsibility for leak

(Newser) - Terminator Salvation director McG joined the Christian Bale Rant Apology Tour yesterday, telling MTV he takes responsibility. “I lead the way by having a big personality, having a strong opinion, and being very vocal on the set. I’m trying to wind everybody up to a level of adrenaline... More »

Bale Begins Terminator Apology Tour

Explanation of recorded rant sure to follow many more times in days to come

(Newser) - Christian Bale began his inevitable “I’m sorry for my rant” publicity tour today on Good Morning America. The actor was ostensibly there to discuss Terminator Salvation, but the question about his videotaped diatribe against a crewmember reared its inevitable head. When asked if he has an anger problem,... More »

May Films Face Galaxy of Boycotts

List of new releases that face criticism

(Newser) - Movie fans are fuming for one reason or another about most of the blockbusters out this month, the New York Times reports—and studios find it difficult to discern potent protests from the all-too-common casual boycott. A look at which films, and why:
  • Terminator Salvation upset fans because of its
... More »

Summer's Film Fare: Prequels

Hollywood faces challenges of reviving classics

(Newser) - Hollywood’s set for a summer of prequels, with the backstories of Star Trek, X-Men, and Terminator ripe for the telling. But how do you make a film exciting when everyone knows how it turns out? “We didn’t want to fall into the trap of the first three... More »

Write Your Own 'I'll Be Back' Joke

Schwarzenegger OKs computer-aided cameo in Terminator sequel

(Newser) - The Governator might just be a Terminator once more, the Los Angeles Times reports. Arnold Schwarzenegger has given director McG permission to insert old footage of him into next month’s Terminator Salvation, he told bloggers in a webcast interview today. “I think it’s cool to continue on... More »

Bale Sorry for 'Ugly' Outburst

'I acted like a punk,' actor says of Internet sensation tirade

(Newser) - Christian Bale apologized today for his spectacular explosion on the set of Terminator Salvation, People reports. “I was out of order, beyond belief. I acted like a punk,” the actor said of the expletive-laden outburst that's generating massive traffic online. “It is inexcusable.” Asked about criticism... More »

Rant Just Bale in Character: Producer

Stress pushed method actor over edge on Terminator 4 set

(Newser) - Christian Bale’s profane tirade on the Terminator Salvation set was just another day on the job, an assistant director/producer tells TMZ. “Christian is a method actor and was completely immersed in his scene,” he insists. “Bale’s reaction was from the heat of the moment.”... More »

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