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Iraq Loses Control of Its 2nd-Largest City

Police abandon Mosul to Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

(Newser) - Fighters believed to be with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria took control of the city of Mosul today, as police and military forces fled their bases, leaving weapons, vehicles, and even their uniforms behind for the taking, the New York Times reports. The militants have seized the provincial... More »

Attack on Iraqi Recruits Kills 60

Suicide bomber strikes outside Baghdad military headquarters

(Newser) - At least 60 people were killed and more than 100 injured when a suicide bomber blew himself up amid of crowd of military recruits in Baghdad today, officials say. The bomber joined recruits waiting outside a central Baghdad military headquarters where they were being admitted in small groups. The attack—... More »

Smaller, Fiercer Insurgency Has Iraq Worried

(Newser) - As the US military prepares to withdraw from Iraq's cities, security officials in both countries have observed that a smaller but more lethal insurgency seems to be gaining ground. Several recent bombings, believed to be orchestrated by al-Qaeda in Iraq, have killed 123 people in Baghdad and elsewhere, while members... More »

Iraq Nabs 'Mother' of Female Terrorists

Accused of recruiting 80 suicide bombers

(Newser) - Iraqi forces have arrested a woman suspected of recruiting more than 80 female suicide bombers, the Times of London reports. Samira Ahmed Jassim, known as “the mother of the believers,” has confessed to sending 28 women on suicide missions. Jassim also admitted to planning the rapes of many... More »

4 Stories