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Gallaudet Embraces Deaf Baseball Coach

Ex-major leaguer Curtis Pride sets example at school for the deaf

(Newser) - A recently retired former major leaguer sets out to turn around a college baseball program—a familiar story, but not when you're talking about the only deaf player of the modern era and the country's foremost college for the deaf. "I want these kids to play like real players,... More »

Deaf Athlete Joins NCAA Team

Trailblazer is determined to break barriers for the deaf

(Newser) - Signing to play football for Baltimore’s Towson University is a big leap for Ryan Bonheyo—and for the Division I program, too, the Washington Post reports: Bonheyo is deaf, and will be the lone such player at Towson and one of very few to earn a scholarship in any... More »

2 Stories