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New Documentary: Diddy Ordered Tupac's Murder

Retired LAPD detective says department covered up the truth

(Newser) - Two decades later, the mystery still hasn't been officially solved: Who killed Tupac Shakur? In a new documentary, a retired LAPD detective says the department actually did solve the case but covered up the truth: Sean "Diddy" Combs was behind the murder, alleges Greg Kading. His film Murder ... More »

Sean Combs to Obama: Please Adopt Me

Rapper extraordinaire also takes credit for election

(Newser) - Sean Combs sat down with Playboy for an interview, and the artist formerly known as Diddy (and P-Diddy, and Puff Daddy ...) sure is good for a quote. Or several. Highlights:
  • On his hip-hop legacy: "If I’m not inspiring you at this point, you’re a lost hope.
... More »

Diddy Hits Big With 'Lickable' Scent

New I Am King scent is both fruity and masculine

(Newser) - Sean Combs, the rap mogul of countless other stage names, had one request when developing his fashion line's new men's scent: "When I wear this perfume, I want to be lickable." The resulting fragrance, I Am King, has fruity notes uncommon in men's fragrance. And it does indeed... More »

3 Stories