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Costas' Gun Control Call Stirs Hornet Nest

Halftime speech draws fierce criticism

(Newser) - Bob Costas' response to Jovan Belcher's murder-suicide ruffled a lot of feathers yesterday. Costas used his commentary segment during halftime of yesterday's Cowboys-Eagles game to call for increased gun control, quoting extensively from a column from Kansas City native and Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock. "Our current... More »

A-Rod Bio Author 'Feminist Version of Al Sharpton'

Sourcing is questionable, writers has credibility issues

(Newser) - Selena Roberts’ new book makes many claims about Alex Rodriguez: He juiced in high school, tipped off opposing batters to pitches, and is even a stingy tipper. Roberts’ sourcing is scanty and anonymous, but we can trust her, a respected journalist for Sports Illustrated and formerly the New York Times,... More »

Phelps Gets Off Easy Thanks to Image, Not Race

Goody-goodies, black or white, see minimal hit for taking hits

(Newser) - Those who think Michael Phelps would be facing harsher treatment if he were black are “stuck in the 1960s,” Jason Whitlock writes for Fox Sports. “Image is everything whether you're black or white.” Only bad boys get hung out to dry when controversy calls—Phelps was... More »

3 Stories