Bering Land Bridge

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First Americans Didn't Arrive on a Land Bridge

They 'must have taken a different route'

(Newser) - You probably remember the Bering Land Bridge theory from history class: North America's first inhabitants traveled along a land bridge between Siberia and Alaska and discovered an immense new world less than 15,000 years ago. Just like the land bridge did 10,000 years ago, that belief now... More »

First Americans Arrived Via Land Bridge in 3 Waves

But those waves may have intermingled

(Newser) - The Americas weren't initially populated in one sweeping migration across the land bridge from Siberia, but in three distinct waves, according to a new DNA study. By comparing genetic markers on 52 modern day Native American populations and 17 Siberian ones, they've concluded that while the Americas were... More »

Black Wolves Got Color From Domestic Dogs

Black fur proof of dog legacy

(Newser) - Researchers have found the genes of dogs in some North American wolves, linked to interbreeding some 15,000 years ago, reports Wired. The black fur of some forest-dwelling wolves is the result of the long-ago matings with dogs, likely kept as companions by American Indians. The dalliances may have strengthened... More »

3 Stories