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Wedding Uggs: Worst Idea Ever?

Reactions range from the horrified to the delighted

(Newser) - Uggs have never been more sartorially controversial than they are right now: The Australian shoemaker has unveiled a new line of wedding Uggs , causing many a blogger and Twitter user to express their horror at the very idea. But not everyone is saying "I don't." Some reactions:... More »

Pennsylvania Middle School Bans Uggs

Not because they're ugly ... because kids were hiding cell phones in them

(Newser) - Administrators at a middle school in Pennsylvania were tired of kids hiding cell phones in their boots—so they banned the boots, the Mercury reports. The new rule applies to "outdoor, open top boots" in general, but the biggest culprits are Uggs, says a district official, particularly those that... More »

Tom Brady Apparently Loves UGGs

New ad will probably make you happy, if you're a teenage girl

(Newser) - Depending on your age, gender, fashion sense, and NFL affiliation, you will either be horrified or ecstatic to hear that Tom Brady and UGGs have finally come together. The New England Patriots quarterback is featured in a new ad for the Australian shoe brand, in an attempt to boost its... More »

Nation Barfs Over Miss Aussie Costume

One critic calls it 'a national joke,' another 'a travesty'

(Newser) - The first problem: High-heeled Uggs. The second: Everything else. The outfit designed to represent Australia at next month's Miss Universe competition in Las Vegas is being blasted as "a travesty" and "a national joke," reports the Telegraph . The ensemble combines Ugg heels with a one-piece bathing suit,... More »

Guys, Steer Clear of These Absurd Trends

Male UGGs, hipster beards, Ed Hardy make the list

(Newser) - You’ve probably already broken half of your New Year’s resolutions, but there’s still hope for you, young man, in this decade—if you follow StreetLevel ’s list of dumbass trends to avoid:
  • Men wearing UGGs: The boots’ “gaudiness will never look anything but inappropriate on
... More »

Uggs Not Made for Walking?

Philly doc rips popular boot design

(Newser) - The ubiquitous Ugg boots could be causing serious damage to people's feet, according to at least one expert. A Philadelphia foot doctor has been treating patients suffering from the boots’ lack of foot and ankle support, he tells local KYW News radio. He makes special inserts for Ugg wearers, and... More »

6 Stories