Anthony Zinni

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Jones: Afghan Troop Level Is 'Robust'

Says situation 'much more complex than just about 'X' more troops'

(Newser) - As debate about Afghan policy rages, President Obama's national security adviser took to the airwaves today, telling CNN that the US troop presence there is "robust" and emphasizing that the situation hinged on more than sheer numbers. Although Afghanistan's disputed election was destined to be "imperfect," Gen.... More »

Critics Blast Obama's Zinni Flip-Flop

They call yanking of Iraq ambassador post sign of transition chaos

(Newser) - Remember those fat times, back in December, when competence and seamless coordination were back in town? Oh well. Joining the parade of minor appointment-related slip-ups is the apparent bait-and-switch pulled on retired Gen. Anthony Zinni, reports Politico. Zinni was told he had the job of Iraq ambassador—then the rug... More »

2 Stories