Stormy Daniels

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Trump Tweets About Stormy Daniels' Police Sketch

As her lawyer ups the reward for information about the man portrayed

(Newser) - Stormy Daniels and her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, on Tuesday shared a forensic sketch of the man they say threatened Daniels in 2011 over her alleged affair with President Trump. Later that day, Avenatti upped the ante for anyone who can identify the man. In a CNN interview , Avenatti said the... More »

Stormy Daniels, Famed Sketch Artist Come Up With This

It's an image of the man Daniels says threatened her in 2011

(Newser) - If you know the man pictured in this sketch, Stormy Daniels would like to know. She and her lawyer on Tuesday revealed the drawing on The View and announced a $100,000 reward for information about the man, who Daniels says threatened her over her alleged affair with Donald Trump.... More »

Report: Raid on Trump Lawyer Was 'Striking in Its Breadth'

Investigators demanded records on Access Hollywood tape

(Newser) - The FBI raid on the offices of President Trump's personal lawyer was "striking in its breadth," sources say, with investigators demanding records including those relating to Trump's infamous Access Hollywood recording, in which he boasts about grabbing women. The New York Times , citing "three people... More »

Trump's 'Fix-It Guy' May Be in Real Trouble

A look at the potential legal trouble for Michael Cohen, as well as the president

(Newser) - A quick look at stories about Michael Cohen, the president's personal attorney, reveals a clear theme: The 51-year-old has long prided himself on being Donald Trump's No. 1 troubleshooter. "I am the fix-it guy," he once told the Wall Street Journal , which also collects a quote... More »

That the FBI Got a Search Warrant for Cohen's Office Is Telling

FBI looking into alleged fraud, sources say

(Newser) - The stunning FBI raid on the offices of President Trump's personal lawyer Monday happened because Michael Cohen is suspected of crimes including bank fraud and campaign finance fraud, insiders say. Sources tell the Washington Post that agents seized documents including Cohen's tax returns in raids on his offices,... More »

FBI Raids Office of Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen

Reportedly seizes documents related to Stormy Daniels payment, other things

(Newser) - Federal agents armed with search warrants have seized documents from President Donald Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen, a defense lawyer said Monday. The raid on Cohen's office was done by the US Attorney's office in Manhattan and was based, in part, on a referral from special counsel... More »

Trump Makes First Remarks on Stormy Daniels Payment

President denies knowing his lawyer paid her $130K

(Newser) - A rare thing happened aboard Air Force One Thursday—President Trump answered questions on the thorny topic of Stormy Daniels. The big takeaway: The president denied knowing about a $130,000 payment his personal attorney paid to the adult-film star to keep quiet about an alleged affair she had with... More »

Stormy Daniels' Lawyer Files Motion to Depose Trump

The last time a president was deposed was in 1998

(Newser) - An attorney for an adult film star claiming a sexual encounter with President Trump filed a motion Wednesday seeking to depose the president and his attorney. Michael Avenatti filed the papers in federal court in California. In the documents, he seeks to depose Trump and Trump attorney Michael Cohen about... More »

Trump Not in 'Punch-Back Mode' Over Stormy: Report

She's suing his lawyer for defamation

(Newser) - The Stormy Daniels case is keeping lawyers—and lawyers' lawyers—as busy as ever in the wake of Daniels' 60 Minutes interview. On Monday, the adult film actress, who told Anderson Cooper she was threatened after she first went public about her alleged affair with President Trump, filed a legal... More »

Stormy Daniels' Strategy Is Downright 'Trumpian'

For one thing, she is unapologetic and won't be cowed

(Newser) - One thing seems clear in the wake of the Stormy Daniels interview on 60 Minutes: People were interested. Preliminary ratings suggest the show earned its highest ratings in 10 years, reports Deadline . The overnight Nielsen share of 16.3 translates to more than 20 million households, notes media writer Brian... More »

What We Learned From the Stormy Daniels Interview

She won't say whether she has photos, messages

(Newser) - Stormy Daniels' spoke out about her alleged affair with President Trump in a 60 Minutes interview that aired Sunday night—an interview that the Hill predicts will become "watercooler news" in offices around the country, and a major embarrassment for Trump. The biggest revelation in the interview with Anderson... More »

Stormy Daniels: I Was Threatened to Stay Quiet

She says man suggested he'd harm her in 2011 if she spoke about Trump

(Newser) - In her much-anticipated interview with 60 Minutes, Stormy Daniels recounts a threat she received in 2011 about staying quiet regarding her alleged affair with Donald Trump. Daniels told Anderson Cooper that the threat occurred in the parking lot of a fitness center in Las Vegas, a few weeks after Daniels... More »

Stormy Daniels Braced for Post-Interview Attacks

The adult film star is set to talk about an alleged affair with President Trump on '60 Minutes'

(Newser) - Stormy Daniels' interview with 60 Minutes is set to air Sunday night and the adult film star is gearing up to share her story with the world. Per the Guardian , a record audience is expected to tune in for the sit-down with Anderson Cooper as Daniels discusses her alleged affair... More »

Stormy Daniels' Lawyer Tweets 'Warning Shot' Photo

Michael Avenatti warns Trump Team to be 'careful'

(Newser) - "If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is this worth????" So tweeted the lawyer for a porn star suing President Trump, along with a photo of a CD or DVD on Thursday, CNN reports. "I want to be really clear about this: It is... More »

Ex-Playmate Sues So She Can Talk About Alleged Trump Affair

Karen McDougal sues National Enquirer's parent company

(Newser) - Another alleged former paramour of President Trump is suing in an attempt to break her silence on the affair. This time it's former Playboy model Karen McDougal, who says she was involved with Trump in 2006 and 2007 —around the same time adult film star Stormy Daniels, who... More »

Trump's Lawyer: Stormy Daniels Could Be on the Hook for $20M

In a court filing, claims she violated the NDA some 20 times

(Newser) - The latest development in the Stormy Daniels saga: Michael Cohen, the lawyer for President Trump who paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 after she signed a nondisclosure agreement related to her alleged affair with Trump, now says she could owe $20 million in damages. That's based on Cohen's allegations,... More »

Stormy Daniels' Lawyer Says She's Been Threatened

Michael Avenatti also says his client will reveal the details on '60 Minutes'

(Newser) - If you didn't think the Stormy Daniels saga could get more sensational, think again. As President Trump's legal team reportedly tries to halt the adult-film actress's 60 Minutes interview—tentatively scheduled to air March 25, per the Washington Post —a new revelation from her lawyer adds... More »

Stormy Daniels Is Crowdfunding to Fund Battle Against Trump

And her lawyer says more women may start their own legal cases

(Newser) - Stormy Daniels supporters can assist her with her legal battle against President Trump by contributing to a crowdfunding campaign the adult film star has set up. "I am attempting to speak honestly and openly to the American people about my relationship with now President Donald Trump and the intimidation... More »

Trump Lawyer's Claim 'Utter Fiction,' Says Daniels' Lawyer

A Trump Organization attorney has been linked to adult film actress's case

(Newser) - Yet another twist in the Stormy Daniels case: Newly released documents link a Trump Organization lawyer to an agreement to block the adult film star from discussing her alleged affair with President Trump, NBC News reports. Assistant general counsel Jill Martin filed a document as part of confidential arbitration proceedings... More »

Notary in Trump-Daniels Agreement in Hot Water

Texas authorities aren't sure the nondisclosure deal was properly authorized

(Newser) - Stormy Daniels's offer to return the $130,000 she received in a nondisclosure agreement about President Trump has led to a new wave of coverage of their alleged affair. In one new twist, authorities in Texas are investigating whether the notary public who authorized the 2016 agreement did so... More »

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