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Navy Raising Civil War Ironclad That Never Fired a Shot

Team of divers to tackle the CSS Georgia in Savannah

(Newser) - The Navy is sending one if its premier diving teams to salvage a Confederate warship from the depths of Georgia's Savannah River. Before it ever fired a shot, the 1,200 ton ironclad CSS Georgia was scuttled by its own crew to prevent its capture by Gen. William Sherman... More »

Millions in Silver Recovered From WWII Wreck

SS City of Cairo is 17K feet under Atlantic, making this the deepest salvage ever

(Newser) - The deepest salvage operation in history has recovered a haul of coins that Britain planned to use to fund the fight against Nazi Germany 73 years ago. The SS City of Cairo was carrying 100 tons of silver rupees from India in November 1942 when it was hit by a... More »

Costa Concordia Is Upright Again

Biggest-ever passenger ship salvage operation; now ready to be towed

(Newser) - More than two years after it capsized off the coast of an Italian island, CNN reports that workers have refloated the Costa Concordia in the final phase of the biggest-ever passenger ship salvage. In an operation expected to take up to a week, air was pumped into tanks attached to... More »

Success: Crews Salvage Costa Concordia

19-hour process was 'perfect': Costa tech head

(Newser) - Crews have pulled off one of the toughest salvage projects in history , managing to restore the wrecked Costa Concordia to an upright position off an Italian island. The effort took 19 hours—longer than the expected 10 to 12—and lasted until 4am local time. The "parbuckling" process used... More »

One of Trickiest Salvage Efforts Ever Begins

Costa Concordia will hopefully rise today

(Newser) - Today's vocab lesson: "parbuckling." That's the ambitious process that is under way in Italy, where a salvage team has started to lift the Costa Concordia almost exactly 20 months after it crashed into a reef, killing 32. It's being touted as one of the most... More »

Italy Set to Raise Costa Concordia

Unprecedented salvage operation will begin tomorrow

(Newser) - Authorities have given the final go-ahead for a daring attempt tomorrow to pull upright the crippled Costa Concordia cruise liner from the waters off Tuscany where it capsized 20 months ago. Italy's national Civil Protection agency waited until sea and weather conditions were forecast for dawn tomorrow before giving... More »

400 Toil to Raise Costa Concordia

Officials call recovery biggest ever attempted

(Newser) - It's been almost exactly a year since 32 people died when the Costa Concordia rolled over off the west coast of Italy, and a 400-person team of salvagers is at last ready to undertake what is being called "the largest and most complex [marine] recovery ever attempted,"... More »

Shipwreck Hoarding $200M in Silver Found in Atlantic

Haul by US salvage crew promises to be biggest ever

(Newser) - Some $200 million in silver has been sitting at the bottom of the sea for decades, and a US salvage operation has just discovered the sunken ship carrying it. The find promises to be the biggest haul ever of precious metal from a shipwreck. The British SS Gairsoppa was sunk... More »

Divers Find Bell of Andrea Doria

Bridge bell had been 'forgotten'

(Newser) - A group of divers has stumbled upon the 75-pound bridge bell of the SS Andrea Doria, the massive Italian ocean liner that sank off Nantucket, Massachusetts, in 1956. Two divers were just about to surface when they spotted a "very distinctive shape sticking out of the sand," says... More »

Underwater Billboards? They're Suspicious in Seattle

Seafood standby heavily promoting 'recently' discovered underwater ad campaign

(Newser) - After unearthing plans laid long ago by its founder, a legendary Seattle seafood restaurant is pulling underwater advertising billboards out of Puget Sound—though Ivar’s accompanying advertising blitz and founder Ivar Haglund’s notorious record of self-promotion have residents smelling something fishy, the Times reports. “If I was... More »

Google Earth Sparks Texas Treasure Dispute

(Newser) - A California man who used Google Earth to locate a 19th century Spanish treasure ship is suing for the right to excavate on private land, ABC News reports. Nathan Smith drove to Refugio, Texas, after spotting evidence—what it was isn’t clear—from a satellite photo. The case of... More »

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