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Teen Who Sued Parents: I Got $56K Scholarship

Rachel Canning headed to Western New England University

(Newser) - New Jersey's Rachel Canning made headlines in early March with her ultimately fruitless attempt to sue her parents for college tuition (she dropped the suit shortly thereafter). According to a Sunday post on her Facebook account, she may not have needed to go to so much trouble. "Decision... More »

Fastest-Growing Careers in US

Biomedical engineers, health aides will be in strong demand by 2018

(Newser) - Here are the careers projected by the Labor Department to have the fastest growth by 2018, as run down by the Boston Globe:
  1. Biomedical engineer: 16,000 in 2008; projected growth of 72%; median pay: $77,400.
  2. Network systems and data communication analyst: 292,000 in 2008; projected growth of
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New Robotic Arm Takes Cues From Brain

Improvements in field have given amputees dexterity, independence

(Newser) - Artificial limbs have come a long way from the wooden legs and plastic arms of old: Today's prosthetics take messages directly from the brain. Their performance far exceeds that of the previous generation of devices, which required concentrated effort to make ungainly motions. "You think, and then your muscles... More »

3 Stories