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Many People Being Treated for Alzheimer's May Not Have It

PET scans are expensive but could help refine treatment for patients

(Newser) - Diagnosing Alzheimer's is a guessing game—and many doctors are guessing wrong, according to early results from a new study presented Wednesday in London. The Washington Post reports doctors tested 4,000 Medicare patients with mild cognitive impairment or dementia and discovered many of them definitively do not have... More »

Tell-Tale Sign of Alzheimer's: Personality Changes

Many patients who go on to develop dementia first exhibit mood problems

(Newser) - Scientists who currently look at mild cognitive impairment as an early indicator of Alzheimer's might have another tell-tale sign: Moodiness or behavioral changes, which they say show up in people who develop full-blown dementia. Researchers at the University of Calgary are proposing that doctors begin to use a 34-question... More »

Fish May Protect Against Alzheimer's

As long as it's baked or grilled, not fried: study

(Newser) - One possible way to protect yourself against Alzheimer's: Eat fish once per week. A new study suggests that elderly people who do just that are three to five times less likely to get the disease or suffer memory loss, the Telegraph reports. But in order for the fish to... More »

Accelerated Aging Tied to HIV/AIDS

Middle-aged sufferers have symptoms of HIV-negative 80-year-olds

(Newser) - The aging population of Americans with HIV/AIDS is in a much different spot than those infected before the drug cocktail was introduced in the mid-1990s. But new research reveals disturbing trends related to aging. The cause is likely either the disease or the medications, and the result is symptoms—from... More »

Sunny Days Help You Think

Cloudiness reduces cognitive agility in depressed people, researchers found

(Newser) - Does a cloudy day leave you groggy and unable to focus? If so, a study suggests you’re not alone: Cloudy days, regardless of season, can have an effect on cognitive function, MSNBC reports. Researchers cross-referencing the results of cognitive tests from 16,800 Americans with data on daily sunshine... More »

A Couple Drinks Daily May Prevent Dementia: Study

Moderate drinkers developed dementia less often than teetotalers

(Newser) - Moderate drinking may prevent the onset of dementia, MedPage Today reports. A study found that adults aged 75 and over who had one or two drinks daily were 37% less likely to develop dementia. Across the study’s 6-year window, adults who drank more than two drinks a day were... More »

Brain Scans May Predict Alzheimer's

(Newser) - Researchers have discovered a new link between Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment, a condition that often leads to the brain disorder, CNN reports. In a neuroimaging study, more than half of MCI patients showed brain atrophy similar to those with Alzheimer’s; indeed, a year later, 29% of... More »

7 Stories