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It's Not Just Guns Smoking Throughout James Bond Movies

Lung cancer might beat a bullet in taking out 007, say researchers

(Newser) - James Bond may have given up smoking, but his health—and high fitness level needed to evade nemeses—is at risk thanks to secondhand smoke. Concerned about 007's overall health, a team led by medical doctor Nick Wilson at the University of Otago reviewed all 24 Bond films (apparently... More »

Secondhand Pot Smoke May Be as Bad as Tobacco

Both hurt our bodies' ability to transport blood

(Newser) - Everyone knows secondhand tobacco smoke is bad for you, but a new study claims secondhand marijuana smoke might actually be worse—at least where your heart is concerned, Medical Daily reports. In the study—published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Heart Association —researchers exposed rats to both... More »

HUD: Stub Out Smoking in All Public Housing

Agency pushing for law to protect residents nationwide from secondhand smoke

(Newser) - HUD proposed a federal mandate Thursday that has some smokers fuming: a ban against lighting up in public housing nationwide, the New York Times reports. If the law passes, more than 3,100 public housing agencies would prohibit smoking in all living units, indoor common areas, administrative offices, and outdoor... More »

Work Stress as Bad as Secondhand Smoke

Study finds it can be just as dangerous to health

(Newser) - Stressed at work? You may as well be breathing in secondhand cigarette smoke, a new study suggests. Researchers from Harvard and Stanford did a meta-analysis of 228 studies on workplace stress, UPI reports; they found that "the effect of workplace stress is about as large as that of secondhand... More »

You Can Fail a Drug Test Thanks to Contact High

Without ventilation, secondhand exposure to weed can get you kind of high

(Newser) - It may take a whole lot of weed and a total lack of ventilation, but scientists say it's true: You can get contact highs from marijuana, with high-enough levels in your bloodstream to fail drug tests. So report Johns Hopkins researchers in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence . They... More »

Judge Tells Man He Can't Smoke Inside Own Home

Neighbors have sued over secondhand smoke

(Newser) - The list of places where smokers can't smoke is already pretty long, but the latest entry is pretty remarkable: A judge in Washington, DC, has told a homeowner that he can't light up inside his own residence, reports WJLA . The problem is that Edwin Gray has a shared... More »

New Law in England: No Smoking in Cars With Kids

It goes into effect later this year

(Newser) - Brits will be breaking the law if they light up while driving—if there's a child riding as a passenger. England's Department of Health announced today that the law, which will go into effect Oct. 1, is similar to a ban in Wales, the BBC reports. Scotland is... More »

Honduras Will Bust Smokers ... at Home

Controversial law bans smoking within 6 feet of a non-smoker

(Newser) - There's no place like home—except for Hondurans looking to have a smoke. Starting yesterday, it is illegal to smoke in any closed or indoor space, or within 6 feet of any non-smoker, even outdoors. And although the law does not explicitly ban smoking in your own home, it does... More »

Navy Bans Smoking in Submarines

Which may make rough sailing for the 35-40% of sailors who smoke

(Newser) - If you’re dying for a smoke at 600 feet, the Navy has a message for you: Wear a patch. As of December 31, the US Navy won’t allow any smoking below decks on a submarine, a policy that probably won’t float with the 35-40% of submarine sailors... More »

Silicon Valley Town Bans Smoking at Home

Nation's toughest anti-smoking law hits home for apartment dwellers

(Newser) - A California town has passed legislation that will push many smokers out of their last remaining indoor sanctuary—their home, the New York Times reports. Belmont's law—believed to be the nation's toughest—bans smoking in any residence that shares a floor or ceiling with another. Officials credit the law... More »

Smokers' Spouses Face Higher Stroke Risk

Threat further heightened for former smokers

(Newser) - Having a spouse who smokes significantly increases a nonsmoker’s risk of stroke—especially if the nonsmoker used to light up, a US study shows. The stroke risk for those whose spouse smokes but who never have themselves is raised 42%, while the risk for those who are former smokers... More »

Portugal PM Gets Heat for Smoking on Plane

Was he just blowing smoke when he backed Portugal's cigarette ban?

(Newser) - Portugal banned smoking in public places five months ago but the country's prime minister appears to have forgotten the rule his own government enacted. Jose Socrates—known to be a smoker in private—stunned passengers and triggered an uproar when he blithely lit up in the first-class cabin of a... More »

England Douses Public Smoking

New law clears the air in enclosed spaces

(Newser) - The English ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces, including bars, workplaces, and public buildings, went into effect at 6am today. The effort to improve indoor air quality and inconvenience some smokers into quitting will cause grumbling, says the country's chief medical officer, but "on the whole, the majority... More »

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