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Meanwhile, WHCA Holds Glam-Free Dinner

No Trump and Sam Bee's competing roast siphon the usual celebrity element away

(Newser) - Prominent Washington journalists, if not Hollywood stars, celebrated the First Amendment during the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner, an event that lacked the glitter of past years. With President Trump sending his regrets , attention was no longer focused on an in-person roasting of the commander in chief and his humorous... More »

Ditching Press Dinner, Trump Plans Rally Instead

President will head to Harrisburg, Pa., for 'BIG' rally on Saturday

(Newser) - Eschewing tradition in Washington, DC, President Trump on Saturday will become the first commander in chief since Ronald Reagan—who was then recuperating from an assassination attempt—to skip the annual White House Correspondents Dinner, and instead will head to Harrisburg, Pa., to hold a rally, reports NBC News . Trump... More »

Show Mocked His 'Nazi Hair.' Turns Out, He Has Cancer

Samantha Bee's 'Full Frontal' has apologized to Kyle Coddington

(Newser) - Samantha Bee's political satire show is apologizing for a bit that mocked attendees at the recent CPAC convention for having "Nazi hair"—it turns out that one of the targets actually has brain cancer. "We deeply apologize for offending @_that_kyle in our CPAC segment," reads... More »

Samantha Bee Promises Epic Trump Roast

It's planned for same night as White House Correspondents' Dinner

(Newser) - If Donald Trump chooses to roast journalists, celebrities, and politicians at the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner in Washington, DC, this year, it'll be with the knowledge that he's being brutally mocked not too far away. Samantha Bee of TBS' Full Frontal says she'll host celebrities, journalists,... More »

An Unlikely Pair: Samantha Bee, Glenn Beck Talk Trump

There were insults, conciliatory gestures, and even hand-holding on Monday's 'Full Frontal'

(Newser) - Some "far-fetched alliances" emerged from Election 2016 (Kanye West and Donald Trump—really?), notes the Daily Beast , but on Monday night, another unlikely celebrity pair put on their best ugly Christmas sweaters and dished about Trump on late-night TV. On Full Frontal , conservative pundit Glenn Beck joined host Samantha... More »

Samantha Bee Makes an Awesome Debut

Critics loving fresh perspective in male-dominated late night

(Newser) - Turns out, you don't need a penis or a desk to host a late-night talk show. So Samantha Bee proved with the debut of Full Frontal on TBS Monday night. The former Daily Show correspondent made her much-anticipated debut Monday with a focus on "the most deranged" election... More »

Stewart Floored By Fox's Rape Apologist

Daily Show host mocks Liz Trotta, Rick Santorum for views on women in combat

(Newser) - Jon Stewart celebrated Valentine's Day last night by gleefully ripping into people who have a problem with the Pentagon's new policies on women in combat. He took some brief shots at Rick Santorum ("What a surprise, Prudence von StickUpHisAss has some concerns!") but saved his... More »

Surprise! Occupy Has Class Divisions, Too: Daily Show

Zuccotti Park had own 'ghetto': Samantha Bee

(Newser) - Just like the society it criticizes, Occupy Wall Street suffers class divisions of its own, and none other than the Daily Show investigated the depths of it on the day protesters were booted from Zuccotti Park—even uncovering divisions in the layout of the park. With its drum circles and... More »

Roomba Maker Actually a Big-Time Defense Contractor

(Newser) - It’s common knowledge that the Defense Department is the progenitor of modern conveniences like the Internet. But would you, for a minute, think it has a $286 million contract with the company that makes your Roomba automated vacuum? That fact surprised Owen Thomas, who writes about it on Valleywag,... More »

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