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Gandhi Goods Going, Going ... Back Home to India

Tycoon pays $1.8m for Gandhi glasses, watch, sandals to donate to government

(Newser) - The few worldly possessions that Mahatma Gandhi left behind will be returning to his homeland after an Indian tycoon bought them at a controversial New York auction yesterday, the Washington Post reports. Vijay Mallya paid $1.8 million for the independence leader's spectacles, pocket watch and sandals, and pledged to... More »

India Rejects Deal on Gandhi Glasses

(Newser) - India has rejected a donation offer from the owner of Mahatma Gandhi’s personal effects, set for auction today in New York, the Times reports. James Otis, a peace activist who owns Gandhi’s glasses, watch, and sandals, wanted India to exhibit the items or increase spending on its poor... More »

Gandhi's Spectacles for Sale

Glasses and other items to be auctioned

(Newser) - Mahatma Gandhi's handful of possessions—his signature round-lens eyeglasses, simple sandals, bowl, plate, and pocket watch—are to be sold at auction in New York next month. Although he had far fewer possessions than Jackie O, the BBC reports the auction is likely to attract just as much attention as... More »

3 Stories