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Inspector Warned FAA a Year Before Buffalo Crash

(Newser) - A former inspector says he warned the Federal Aviation Administration a full year before February’s crash near Buffalo that Colgan Air might have trouble flying the model of plane involved in the disaster, the New York Times writes. Christopher Monteleon reported that Colgan’s pilots flew fatigued, exceeded manufacturer... More »

Pilot Training Faulted in Buffalo Crash

Captain did opposite of proper procedure when plane stalled

(Newser) - The captain of the commuter plane that crashed in Buffalo in February, killing 50 people, wasn't properly trained on the plane's stall-protection system and had failed several flight tests, the Wall Street Journal reports. When the plane warned of an imminent stall, the pilot did the opposite of proper procedure,... More »

Carrier, Plane Had Clean Safety Record

Colgan Air has a clean flight record

(Newser) - The operator of the commuter flight that crashed near Buffalo and killed 50 people hadn’t had any major accidents on passenger flights in its 18-year history, the Houston Chronicle reports. Nor does the model of plane that crashed, the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 turboprops, have a record of trouble.... More »

3 Stories