scarlet fever

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Don't Blame Little House Blindness on Scarlet Fever

Mary Ingalls probably had meningoencephalitis, or brain fever

(Newser) - Any fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder's beloved Little House books knows how the author's sister Mary went blind: scarlet fever. But turns out that probably wasn't the cause, medical experts say, upending one of the more dramatic elements in the classic stories. An analysis of historical documents,... More »

Long Dormant, Scarlet Fever Returns to UK

Brits had 3K cases last year; disease seems more virulent

(Newser) - Scarlet fever may seem like a disease of bygone times—it's what took Beth away from the Little Women and sealed the fate of the Velveteen Rabbit—but for many Britons it has become all too current. England and Wales have seen a spike in cases, with 3,000 last... More »

2 Stories