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The Bizarre Empire of Kardashian-Linked Products

The family's got a mind-boggling business setup that goes far beyond its TV shows

(Newser) - If you want to keep up with the Kardashians, there's more to it than obsessively watching E!. Per a piece by Alice Hines on TheOutline.com , you have to embrace the clan's entire empire, which is "bigger and weirder than you think." It encompasses a staggering... More »

Modern Society Pretty Much Doomed

NASA-funded study says the end is nigh

(Newser) - Don't look now, but industrial society is going the way of the Dodo bird. According to a NASA-funded study , modern societies will self-destruct in the vein of past empires (think Roman, Han, Mesopotamian) because the 1% are consuming too much and we're bound to run out of resources.... More »

In Afghanistan, We Fight and Die, China Wins

In fact, Beijing comes out ahead whether we stay or go

(Newser) - American and Chinese interests seem to be conveniently aligned in Afghanistan, writes Robert D. Kaplan. By securing the country, NATO forces have allowed China access to vast mineral deposits and trade routes to the Indian Ocean. In turn, Chinese companies employ Afghan workers, stabilizing the economy and hence the nation.... More »

Napoleon's Novella Reveals His Sappy Side

It's on the romantic life of an ambitious soldier

(Newser) - Before Napoleon the ruthless emperor came Napoleon the romance-writing softy—and his masterpiece is due out in English this fall. Clisson and Eugenie is a novella about a triumphant soldier who returns home to marry his lady—of the same name as Napoleon’s first love. The manuscript, penned when... More »

Brits Tortured Obama Patriarch in Kenya Revolt

Granddad was jailed, beaten for 2 years in '50s Mau Mau uprising

(Newser) - British jailers tortured Barack Obama's grandfather during the struggle for Kenyan independence, his family tells the Times of London. Hussein Onyango Obama, who worked as a cook for a British army officer, was arrested in 1949, aged 56, and imprisoned for two years. There he was subjected to daily whippings... More »

Whatevs, Ma: Anti-Martha Builds Empire

New show poking fun at famous mom Martha spins off from satellite-radio hit

(Newser) - Whatever, Martha!, in which Alexis Stewart and a pal riff over episodes of her mother’s TV shows, is the opening of the latest chapter in the pair’s unusual relationship, Andrew Goldman writes in New York. Alexis, 42, is surprisingly vulgar for being raised by a domestic diva. “... More »

Jean-Georges Has Appetite for Empire

Chef Vongerichten aims for unheard-of 50 restaurants in 5 years

(Newser) - Jean-Georges Vongerichten has been busy indeed outside the kitchen—too busy, in the minds of some. In the next 5 years, the restaurateur plans to open between 30 and 50 new establishments in Starwood Hotels worldwide. The dramatic move, brokered by a private-equity firm, will make consistency a challenge and... More »

One Day, the World Will Hate Him

The envy empire inspires is a great leveler

(Newser) - Should he win the White House, the rest of the world will one day see Barack Obama as a villain, David Aaronovitch writes in the London Times. The spectacle of empire and popularity drives the country's allies to both anger and envy, he argues, and every American president has come... More »

Is America Rome?

(Newser) - The Roman Emperor Valerian was taken captive by the Persian king, who is reputed to have used him as a footstool for mounting his horse, notes Adam Goodheart in his essay on the similarities of Rome and America. This happened in Mesopotamia, now known as Iraq. Could that part of... More »

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