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American Indians Angry Over Use of ‘Geronimo’

Code name of bin Laden operation rankles Native Americans

(Newser) - “Geronimo EKIA.” That code phrase, short for Geronimo, Enemy Killed in Action, led to jubilation in America because it meant that Osama bin Laden was dead. But not everybody liked the choice of the raid's code name. “I was celebrating that we had gotten this guy... More »

Osama Was No Geronimo

One was a terrorist, the other was fearless protector of tribal lands

(Newser) - Did the process of taking out Osama bin Laden have to include an insult to a native American considered a hero by many? That's what CBS News is wondering, after it emerged that bin Laden was code-named "Geronimo." Apparently, the "code namers thought of bin Laden... More »

Justice Dept. Opposes Effort to Dig Up Geronimo

(Newser) - The Justice Department has asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit seeking to unearth the bones of Geronimo from his Oklahoma tomb and rebury them in his native New Mexico, the BBC reports. The Apache leader’s descendants also name Yale University and the Skull and Bones society, which... More »

Geronimo's Heirs Sue Yale to Get Skull Back

Descendants of Geronimo allege students robbed his grave

(Newser) - Descendants of the legendary Apache chief Geronimo are suing Yale and its secretive Skull and Bones Society for the return of his skull and other remains, reports the Hartford Courant. The suit alleges that members of Skull and Bones—including Prescott Bush, father and grandfather of a pair of presidents—... More »

4 Stories