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Afghanistan Bans Live Coverage of Militant Attacks

Country says coverage 'emboldens' militants

(Newser) - Afghanistan has banned live coverage of Taliban attacks, saying live images embolden militants at the government's expense. Journalists with permission from the country's spy agency will be allowed to film the aftermath of battle. Human rights groups denounced the move. "The government should not hide their inabilities by barring... More »

Media Lose Interest in War Dead: Only AP Shoots Coffins

Photo ban lifted, but photographers aren't bothering

(Newser) - Back when George W. Bush was president, the media made a big fuss about the administration’s refusal to allow the press to photograph soldiers’ coffins, saying it hid the true cost of the war. President Obama lifted the ban in April, and the media flocked to snap shots of... More »

Pentagon Lifts Coffin Media Ban

(Newser) - The Pentagon has lifted the media ban at Dover (Del.) Air Force Base and will allow photos of the coffins of US war casualties returning from overseas—provided the service members' families approve. Under the new rules, the families can withhold permission, CNN reports. Some relatives had lobbied against... More »

Let the Coffins Be Seen

(Newser) - The ban on media at Dover Air Force Base when America’s war dead come home ignores the very rights they died fighting for, and it should be lifted, Connie Schultz writes for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “Supporters of the Iraq war have long argued that media images of... More »

4 Stories