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Google Denies It's Atlantis

(Newser) - Google has rebuffed a claim that Google Earth 5.0 helped uncover the lost city of Atlantis, vnunet reports. The undersea lines spotted by an engineer are not streets, a Google spokesperson said, but traces of boats gathering data with sonar technology. Google Earth has aided in other "amazing... More »

Did Google Ocean Find Atlantis?

Or just seabed measurements collected by boats?

(Newser) - A mysterious grid of lines spotted by a British aeronautical engineer using Google Ocean may be the fabled lost city of Atlantis, experts tell the Telegraph. The rectangular region—roughly the size of Wales—is located near the Canary Islands in a region believed to be a likely spot for... More »

Google Earth Adds 'Depth,' Tackling World's Oceans

Underwater volcanoes, shipwrecks now available to program's users

(Newser) - Google has added a new feature to its Google Earth software, which now enables users to explore the world’s oceans and access information from scientists and explorers, AFP reports. “Google Earth is equipping itself with a new dimension: depth,” an engineer said. Surfers can “dive beneath... More »

3 Stories