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President Obama's New Year's Resolution Is...

...well, it doesn't involve diet or exercise

(Newser) - President Obama's New Year's resolutions: Grow the economy, create jobs, and strengthen the middle class, though he warned today that the economic recovery is still fragile as the calendar turns to 2011. In his weekly radio and Internet address, taped from Hawaii, the president also said that Democrats and Republicans... More »

Obama: 'Solemn' Duty to Help Vets With PTSD

White House plans to make getting benefits easier

(Newser) - With the military fighting two wars, President Obama said today the country has a "solemn responsibility" to ensure that veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder get the help they need. Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki is to announce new regulations Monday intended to make it easier for veterans with PTSD... More »

Obama Readies 'No Child' Overhaul

President looks beyond health reform to 'kitchen-table' issues

(Newser) - President Obama today promised to rewrite the sweeping and controversial No Child Left Behind law with a plan to prepare students for life after high school and to place better teachers at the blackboards. The announcement's timing suggests Obama is looking beyond the health care reform still lingering in Congress—... More »

Scott Brown: Dems Wasted Year on 'Bitter' Health Reform

'Destructive, endless drive' needs to be scrapped

(Newser) - Scott Brown accused President Obama and Democrats today of a "bitter, destructive, and endless" drive to pass health overhaul legislation that Brown warned would be disastrous. "An entire year has gone to waste," Brown said in the weekly GOP radio address. "Somehow, the greater the public... More »

Obama Blasts Big Banks for Crying Poverty, Fighting Fees

If they can pay soaring bonuses, they can help repay taxpayers

(Newser) - President Obama beat up on the big banks in his radio address today, accusing them of crying poverty even as they hand out record breaking bonuses to their own employees. He criticized banks for claiming that the fees he's proposed to help recoup taxpayers losses on the bailout would leave... More »

Obama Highlights Health Care Bill's Immediate Benefits

In weekly radio address, president renews push

(Newser) - Barack Obama stepped back into the health care debate in today's weekly radio address, pushing for the bill's final passage and promising that the benefits of reform would be immediately felt. "What every American should know is that once I sign health insurance reform into law, there are dozens... More »

Obama Rips Into 'Dishonest' Insurers

Calls them out for 'deceptive' advertising in weekly address

(Newser) - President Obama ripped into insurers today, admonishing them for attempting to derail his health care initiative with "deceptive and dishonest" advertising. “The insurance industry is rolling out the big guns and breaking open their massive war chest to marshal their forces for one last fight to save the... More »

Obama Offers New Options for Retirement Savings

Americans can have tax refunds sent as savings bonds

(Newser) - President Obama used his radio address today to roll out several initiatives aimed at making it easier for Americans to save for retirement. One move will allow people to have their federal tax refunds sent as savings bonds by checking a box on their tax return; another has workers automatically... More »

Obama: Ignore Reform 'Rumors'

(Newser) - President Barack Obama asked Americans to put no stock in "outlandish rumors" that health care reform will "promote euthanasia, or cut Medicaid, or bring about a government takeover of health care," in his weekly radio and Internet address today. "That's simply not true." Politico noted... More »

Obama: the Economy Is on the Mend (if Slowly)

(Newser) - Citing fresh evidence that the economy is on the road to recovery, President Obama this morning credited his $787 billion economic stimulus program for helping "put the brakes on this recession," and cautioned that full recovery will take many more months. The country's future economic prosperity depends on... More »

Obama Asks Workers How to Curb Spending

(Newser) - President Obama appealed to federal workers today to propose ways to make their agencies' and departments' budgets more efficient. The president said employees' ideas would be key as his Cabinet officials cut millions from the federal budget and trim the deficit. "After all, Americans across the country know that... More »

Obama Will Ask Agency Chiefs for Cuts

He also names two more picks, including chief tech officer

(Newser) - President Obama says he'll begin making good on his promise to cut wasteful spending on Monday. When he meets with his full Cabinet for the first time that day, the president will ask each one to come up with specific cuts for their department, Bloomberg reports. “We are on... More »

Israeli Prez Follows Obama in Appeal to Iranians

Praises Shah

(Newser) - Following President Obama's video message to Iran, Shimon Peres issued an audio address today, urging Iranians to reject the rule of their “oppressive and fanatical regime” and “reclaim their worthy place among the nations of the enlightened world.” The Israeli president's message, delivered partly in Farsi, was... More »

Obama Promises Food-Safety Overhaul

Cites 'public health hazard,' names FDA picks

(Newser) - President Obama announced a food-safety overhaul in his weekly radio address today, describing a new panel that will review the issue and naming his choices for FDA heads, the New York Times reports. “In the end, food safety is something I take seriously, not just as your president, but... More »

Combative Obama Braces for Fight on Budget

Prez backs $3.6 trillion budget in latest video

(Newser) - In his weekly radio address today, President Obama struck a more combative tone than usual in a push for his $3.6 trillion budget, reports Politico. “I know these steps won’t sit well with the special interests and lobbyists who are invested in the old way of doing... More »

Obama: We'll Feel Tax Cuts by April 1

Families to bring home $65 more per month, says prez

(Newser) - Americans will see tangible results from the stimulus—more money in their wallets—by April 1, President Obama said today in his weekly radio address. “Never before in our history has a tax cut taken effect faster or gone to so many hardworking Americans,” he said. The Treasury... More »

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