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Olbermann on Anger, Obama, Partisanship

A pre-suspension talk with the MSNBC host

(Newser) - Just before he was suspended without pay for making political donations , MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann talked to the New York Times, mostly about, um, anger. Here are some of the best bits from his interview with Deborah Soloman:
  • On Anger: Olbermann says he once counseled Joe Biden on how to
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Gonzales: I Haven't Spoken to Bush

(Newser) - Two years after leaving the Justice Department in disgrace, Alberto Gonzales is still trying to get back on his feet. In an interview with New York Times Magazine's grand inquisitor Deborah Solomon, the former AG says he's living in an apartment in Lubbock, Texas, where he'll begin a teaching gig... More »

'Western Aid, Celebs Are Hurting Africa'

'Anti-Bono' author rips help for sapping continent's strength

(Newser) - Dependence on celebrities as spokesmen and Western aid are bad for Africa, argues Deborah Solomon's latest interview subject, Dambisa Moyo. The Ivy-educated former investment banker argues in her new book that the culture of aid for Africa discourages entrepreneurship. "You also disenfranchise African citizens, because the government is beholden... More »

3 Stories