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Activist in Hiding After Starting #ShoutYourAbortion

Amelia Bonow started receiving death threats after starting #ShoutYourAbortion

(Newser) - As the debate about funding for Planned Parenthood continues, one Seattle activist has gone into hiding after a hashtag she created went viral, her address was posted online, and she started receiving death threats, the Los Angeles Times reports. The hashtag: #ShoutYourAbortion . Its mission, per Bonow and co-founder Lindy West:... More »

Enough: End the Smoker Stigma

'The war on smoking has gone too far,' writes Alice Robb

(Newser) - CVS' decision to stop selling tobacco products "is only the latest in a string of anti-smoking measures that have gone into effect with almost no pushback," writes Alice Robb in the New Republic . Consider New York, where Michael Bloomberg's campaign to change the smoking age to 21... More »

US Exports Its Fat-Is-Evil Perception Around the World

Anthropologists see stigma showing up in other nations for first time

(Newser) - Nice job, America. Your obsession with body weight is now making people in other countries feel bad. So say anthropologists who surveyed attitudes about weight around the world and found that a "fat stigma" is showing up for the first time in places such as American Samoa, Puerto Rico,... More »

Office Romance Comes Out of the Supply Closet

More employees see no reason to hide their love, and bosses are on board

(Newser) - The stigma of office romance is swiftly slipping away, bringing a time-honored—and surprisingly traditional—method of courtship out into the open. A recent survey shows 67% of employees see no reason to pretend they’re not dating a coworker, up from 54% in 2005. And no wonder. “The... More »

Death Squads Ramp Up Killings of Gay Iraqis

(Newser) - Hundreds of gay men have been executed in Iraq in the last few months, CNN reports. Though homosexuals are stigmatized in Iraq, and honor killings by family members have been reported, some of the recent murders have been carried out by government security forces, Human Rights Watch says. “The... More »

Feminist Bloggers Daft in Rihanna Debate

(Newser) - In the debate over a leaked police photo of Rihanna, her face badly beaten, feminist bloggers and pundits are revealing their archaic attitudes toward domestic violence, Rebecca Traister writes in Salon. One asked whether Rihanna will carry the "domestic violence victim" stigma; another questioned whether she was partly... More »

6 Stories