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The Strange Story of the Blue People of Kentucky

How scientists figured out the story of the Fugates

(Newser) - America is home to people of all colors: White, black, and… blue? Strange but true: ABC News this week unearthed a story from 1982 about a family of blue-skinned people that once lived deep in Kentucky. The blue people first came to the fore when a baby named Benjamin Stacy... More »

Mixing Corona and Lime? Beware 'Beer Dermatitis'

Skin reaction can result from getting lime juice on the skin

(Newser) - A refreshing Corona with lime carries the risk of a skin reaction—if you're clumsy about mixing the two. A condition that one doctor calls "Mexican beer dermatitis" is a discoloration that arises when lime juice is allowed to remain on the skin while you're in the sun, reports... More »

Your Laptop Could Fry Your Lap

But maybe 'toasted skin syndrome' will get you to stop

(Newser) - They call your portable computer a laptop, not a desktop, yet your lap might be the last place you want to put it. Turns out that people who do that often enough end up with a mottled, blotchy skin condition appetizingly called "toasted skin syndrome," reports the AP.... More »

Yes, This Is Sammy Sosa

Blogosphere abuzz, but no word what's up with ex-slugger

(Newser) - The sports blogosphere is abuzz over some new photographs of Sammy Sosa in which the former performance-enhanced Chicago Cubs star looks much, much lighter-skinned than we’re used to. Seems nobody’s been able to reach Sosa yet, and nothing in the captions of photos from Tuesday’s event in... More »

Gamers, Beware This Skin Disorder

Console controller linked to painful hand sores

(Newser) - Dedicated gamers beware—researchers have identified a skin disorder just for you, the BBC reports. “PlayStation palmar hidradenitis” is characterized by painful lumpy sores on the palms. British researchers think it's caused by gripping the controller tightly with sweaty hands for extended periods. Good news, though: Symptoms appear to... More »

5 Stories