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World's Fastest Land Animal Is Dwindling Rapidly

There are only 7.1K cheetahs left in the world

(Newser) - The cheetah is rapidly disappearing and risks extinction if urgent measures aren't taken to save the mighty cat. A new report estimates there are only 7,100 of the world's fastest mammals left in the wild, the vast majority of them living outside of protected areas, the BBC... More »

Mom Who Dropped Kid in Cheetah Pit Is Childcare Worker

Michelle Schwab is an assistant director at KinderCare

(Newser) - The woman accused of dangling and dropping her 2-year-old boy into a zoo's cheetah exhibit is herself a childcare worker, reports. Michelle Schwab is an assistant director, no less, at KinderCare in Columbus, Ohio, the company's corporate office revealed today. Schwab "is currently home with... More »

Zoo: Mom Was Dangling Kid Who Fell in Cheetah Pit

Parents could face child endangerment charges

(Newser) - Zoo officials in Cleveland say a woman was dangling her 2-year-old son over a railing when he fell about 10 feet into a cheetah exhibit. "Unfortunately, we have a number of eyewitness accounts that point to the strong likelihood that the child was dangled over the rail," the... More »

Botswana Prez in 'Freak Accident' —With Cheetah

Ian Khama needed 2 stitches after animal claws him

(Newser) - Peaceful, prosperous, and lightly populated Botswana rarely makes international news—until its president gets clawed in the face by a cheetah. Officials in the African nation say Ian Khama needed two stitches to his nose after the "overexcited" animal kept at an army barracks jumped up and clawed him... More »

Wild Cheetah May Disappear by 2030

Numbers are plunging as natural habitat shrinks

(Newser) - The number of cheetahs in the wild has been dropping so quickly that wildlife experts think the animal could disappear by 2030, reports AFP . They estimate that maybe 10,000 of the big cats exist, mostly in Africa, down from 100,000 about a century ago. The problem is that... More »

To Run Like a Cheetah, Get Stronger Thighs

Scientists study the world's fastest mammal

(Newser) - Scientists trying to figure out how cheetahs manage to run faster than any other mammal might have a few tips to pass along to human runners, reports the New York Times' Well blog . For one thing, build up those thighs. The cheetah has powerful upper legs, which allow them to... More »

Military 'Cheetah' Breaks Robot Sprinting Record

DARPA prototype can go 18mph

(Newser) - Someday, the US may fight wars with an army of creepy robotic cheetahs. That's right, a Pentagon-funded robo-cheetah has been successfully tested, setting a new land-speed record for a machine with legs, the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency has announced. The cheetah hit a speed of 18mph, which makes... More »

Audio Stimulus Gets Cheetahs to Mate

Man-altered bioacoustics work as an aphrodisiac for cheetahs

(Newser) - Man’s ingenuity has altered nature’s rhythms for the better at the San Diego Zoo, where an African cheetah cub was born after zookeepers helped her dad turn on her mom, the North Country Times reports. Park scientists used bioacoustics—human-altered animal sounds—to stimulate mating after they discovered... More »

Rare Cheetah Spotted in Sahara

Camera-trap snaps 'incredibly elusive' subspecies

(Newser) - An incredibly rare and elusive Saharan cheetah has been caught on camera in the Algerian desert, reports the Daily Telegraph. Fewer than 250 of the animals are believed to exist. Zoological Society of London researchers obtained the camera-trap photos as part of a project to systematically survey life in the... More »

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