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3 Airlines Say US Has Lifted Laptop Ban

Emirates, Etihad, Turkish Airlines exempted

(Newser) - Emirates and Turkish Airways said Wednesday they have been exempted from a US ban on laptops in airplane cabins, joining Abu Dhabi-based Etihad in satisfying American security concerns that had cut into the long-haul carriers' business. It remains unclear how the airlines addressed fears that ISIS or other groups might... More »

Woman Gives Birth to Baby Mid-Flight

Cabin crew delivers the little girl

(Newser) - A Turkish Airlines recently had someone added to the passenger manifest mid-flight. A woman who was 28 weeks pregnant was on board a flight between the Guinean capital Conarky and Ougadougosu in Burkina Faso when she started having contractions, NBC News reports. She ended up giving birth while laying across... More »

Bomb Threat Diverts Flight From New York

Turkish Airlines flight changes its plan

(Newser) - A Turkish Airlines passenger jet that was diverted to Canada after a bomb threat departed for Istanbul on Sunday morning. Halifax Stanfield International Airport confirmed the departure on its Twitter feed. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police say the bomb threat was received at 10:50pm local time Saturday. Flight tracking... More »

Turkish Airline Passengers Foil Hijack Attempt

Passengers subdue man who claimed to have bomb

(Newser) - Passengers on a Turkish Airlines flight from Oslo to Istanbul tackled a man who claimed to have a bomb and tried to force his way into the cockpit. The man—who donned a ski mask and ordered the captain to return to Norway as the flight began its descent into... More »

Pilots Reacted Late in Turkish Air Crash

Pilots were expected to intensely monitor auto landings

(Newser) - The pilots aboard a Turkish Airlines jet that crashed in Amsterdam last week, killing nine people, let their plane slow to a dangerously low speed, a preliminary investigation revealed. Recorded conversations note the trio—who are among the dead—acknowledging a faulty altimeter, but reacting too slowly when the plane... More »

Amsterdam Survivors Recount 'Miracle'

Witnesses say plane seemed to lose power before slamming into field

(Newser) - Nothing seemed amiss on a Turkish jetliner heading for Amsterdam yesterday until the big plane suddenly "lurched downward" with a sickening pull and smoke poured into the cabin, a passenger told the Guardian. "People were panicking and then we hit the ground," said the traveler, whose daughter... More »

Pilots Among 9 Dead in Amsterdam Crash

Officials say crew's bodies will remain on plane as they investigate what happened

(Newser) - All three pilots died in the crash of a Turkish Airlines jet at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport this morning, the Times of London reports. Six others perished and 84 people were injured, six critically and 25 severely. The plane, which carried 135 people, remains in a rain-soaked field 3 miles from... More »

9 Dead in Amsterdam Jet Crash

Passenger jet from Istanbul broke into three parts

(Newser) - At least nine people died and more than 50 were injured when a Turkish Airlines flight with 135 people on board crashed while attempting to land at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport today, reports the Guardian. The Boeing 737, believed to have been coming from Istanbul, split into three sections as it... More »

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