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Man May Have Gotten Zika From Wiping Dad's Tears

Or from his sweat, which would make it first reported case of this kind of transmission

(Newser) - Mystery solved? An elderly Utah man who harbored exceedingly high levels of the Zika virus before he died in June, making his the first death in the continental US linked to the disease, may have passed it onto his son through his sweat and tears. That means the illness... More »

Why Chopping Onions Makes You Cry

Slicing into one is the equivalent of attacking it, and they want us to stop

(Newser) - Onions are notorious for making us weep, but why? Scientists say they now have a pretty good understanding of what's going on, reports NPR in an interview with chemist and author Eric Block. It turns out the vegetable has "evolved a chemical defense system" in an attempt to... More »

Trump: Obama's Tears Were 'Sincere'

But not everyone on the right is so sure

(Newser) - The weirdest political story of the day has got to be sentiment among some of President Obama's critics that he faked his tears during Tuesday's news conference on gun control. Well, Donald Trump is making clear that he will not be counted among the tear truthers, as they'... More »

Yes, There Is Such a Thing as a Good Cry

Crying boosts a person's mood after 90 minutes: study

(Newser) - Feeling gloomy? Shed a few tears, then wait 90 minutes, and you'll probably be in a better mood. That's the word from researchers involved in a new study out of the Netherlands that suggests crying actually boosts a person's mood, but not immediately. Scientists asked 60 participants... More »

Docs Stumped By Guy Who Cries Blood

Condition rare, but not unheard of

(Newser) - The first time Michael Spann cried blood, it "felt like I got hit in the head with a sledgehammer." It wouldn't be the last time. Blood began pouring out of Spann's eyes, nose, and mouth on a daily basis when he was 22, he tells the... More »

Chemical in Women's Tears a Turnoff for Men

Tears of sadness cool sex appeal

(Newser) - Women's tears of sadness contain a chemical signal that's a big turn-off to men, researchers were surprised to discover. Emotional tears are chemically different from tears caused by dust in the eye or chopping onions, and when male volunteers got a sniff of tears (which have no noticeable odor) collected... More »

Ladies of The View Poke at Boehner's Blubbing

Compassionate conservative, or 'Weeper of the House?'

(Newser) - John Boehner, widely mocked for choking up during his victory speech last month, turned on the waterworks again during a 60 Minutes interview, leaving pundits, and the ladies of The View, wondering whether the incoming speaker of the House is compassionate—or just a crybaby. "A sensitive side isn't... More »

Was Chris Brown Crying Fake Tears at BET Awards?

Witness says he used tear-inducing eye drops

(Newser) - The fallen Chris Brown got plenty of attention and thumbs up for basically sobbing during his tribute to Michael Jackson at the BET Awards. But was it all a sham? Us Weekly talked to a "backstage source" who says one of the singer's bodyguards gave him tear-inducing eyedrops immediately... More »

'Lost' Child in Anti-Smoking Ad Really Cried

Filmmakers let kid lose sight of mom to make spot more effective

(Newser) - A new anti-smoking ad that shows a child crying after he loses his mother in a crowded train station portrays genuine distress, MSNBC reports. The 4-year-old—acting with his real mother—was allowed to lose sight of her for "a very brief moment," said an exec with the... More »

Tears Lone Signal of Sadness: Study

(Newser) - Tears are more than just an indicator of sadness, Wired reports—they may be the indicator, as far as other people are concerned. People categorize identical images of a face totally differently if tears are present in one photo and digitally removed from the other, a new study found. “... More »

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