Sheikh Hasina

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Bangladesh Military: We Foiled Coup

Military officers 'with extreme religious views' were reportedly involved

(Newser) - The Bangladesh military has foiled a plot by hardline Muslim officers and Bangladeshi conspirators living abroad to overthrow Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, a military spokesman announced today. Brig. Gen. Muhammad Masud Razzaq told reporters that the military has specific evidence that up to 16 current and former Bangladeshi military officers... More »

11 Women Who Rule the World

The total number shot from 9 to 11 just last week

(Newser) - Two women—Mari Kiviniemi in Finland and Julia Gillard in Australia—became heads of state last week, bringing the total number of female world leaders to 11. Vanity Fair introduces all of them; meet a few in the gallery, or for the complete slideshow, click here . More »

50 Dead in Widening Bangladesh Mutiny

Border guards take officers hostage as tanks roll through Dhaka

(Newser) - A growing mutiny among troops in Bangladesh has left 50 people dead and forced the army to unleash tanks on the streets of the capital, Dhaka. The unrest began yesterday when border guards rebelled over pay and work conditions and has spread to at least 12 cities throughout the country.... More »

3 Stories