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Another BofA Debtor Revolts, Threatens to Sue

Why'd you cut my limit while paying out bonuses, he wonders

(Newser) - A California lawyer inspired by the rumblings of debtor revolt last year informed Bank of America he won't be making his credit card payments until the bank lowers his rate—and if they try any funny business, he’ll sue. Ben Pavone requested that his limit be raised in October.... More »

Tibet Under Martial Law as Revolt Anniversary Nears

Protests are simmering under curfew and heavy police presence

(Newser) - China is quietly clamping down on Tibet ahead of twin anniversaries this month—the 50th of the Dalai Lama's failed revolt and the first of the violent riots that shook the region last year. Sandbag outposts, army convoys, and high police presence in Lhasa, Tibet's capital, indicate Beijing is readying... More »

Rebel Troops in Bangladeshi Capital Surrender

(Newser) - Mutinous border guards in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka laid down their weapons today, ending the uprising that started yesterday and claimed at least 20 lives, the BBC reports. “All the rebel troops have surrendered with their arms,” a government spokesman said, and urged rebels outside the capital... More »

3 Stories