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Mexico Drug War Creating Vigilante Paramilitary Groups

Officials fear paramilitary groups could undermine government

(Newser) - A vigilante group calling itself the "Zeta Killers" has surfaced and claimed responsibility for the slaughter of 35 drug cartel members in Veracruz last week . The group—which describes itself as "anonymous warriors" working for the good of the Mexican people—appears to be connected to a rival... More »

CIA Assassin Squads: Who Is It OK to Kill?

Cheney's secret killers likely to wind up on wrong side of history

(Newser) - It’s hard to imagine many Americans would object to their country assassinating Osama bin Laden, and Walter Shapiro of Politics Daily is no different. So why are he, and others, so queasy about the CIA hit squads that, we learned Monday, have been hunting terrorist leaders since 9/11? Because... More »

CIA Sought to Launch Paramilitary Assassin Units

(Newser) - The CIA program kept secret from lawmakers and canceled by Leon Panetta last month sought to establish paramilitary units to take out al-Qaeda leaders, former intelligence officials tell the Los Angeles Times. The officials say that while the program was never made operational, CIA chiefs continued to work on plans... More »

As Riots Quiet, China Vows to Execute Killers

Anyone found guilty of murder will be executed, says party head

(Newser) - After thousands of troops were deployed to quell ethnic unrest in the Chinese city of Urumqi, “the situation is under control,” said officials—who vowed to execute anyone behind the riot's 156 deaths. Most of those charged with murder so far have been students, said the city’s... More »

Suicide Bomber Kills 9 Sunni Fighters in Iraq

(Newser) - A suicide bomber walked into a crowd of US-allied Sunni paramilitaries in Iraq this morning and detonated his explosives belt, killing nine and wounding 30 others waiting in line for their salaries, Iraqi police said. The explosion took place outside the military headquarters in the town of Jbala, about 35... More »

Rebel Troops in Bangladeshi Capital Surrender

(Newser) - Mutinous border guards in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka laid down their weapons today, ending the uprising that started yesterday and claimed at least 20 lives, the BBC reports. “All the rebel troops have surrendered with their arms,” a government spokesman said, and urged rebels outside the capital... More »

6 Stories