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The 'Snuggie Sutra': As Weird, Sexy as It Sounds

Who doesn't want to get down while wearing a huge blanket?

(Newser) - Turns out the Snuggie is sexy lingerie simply masquerading as a humongous blanket with sleeves. At least according to The Snuggie Sutra , a website and new book featuring exactly what it sounds like: a series of Kama Sutra-like sex moves that can be performed by couples while wearing the beloved... More »

The Necky: Like the Snuggie, but Smaller

Undecided on a Secret Santa gift? Check this out.

(Newser) - You want to buy the perfect gift for that special someone, but he or she already has a Snuggie and a Slanket: Never fear, the Necky is here! The Frisky has uncovered the latest must-have as-seen-on-TV item, perfect for “the truly lazy who can’t figure out how to... More »

It's Snuggie Time, America

How one reporter went from skeptic to snuggler

(Newser) - The "Snuggie phenomenon" has blossomed into romance for one New Yorker who ordered a few and fell hard. "Like all relationships, it's hard to chart how this one started," writes Kurt Soller in Newsweek. He ordered two Snuggies and four Slankets—both blankets with sleeves—and... More »

But Wait, There's More! Snuggie's Not the Original

Ads set it apart, but it wasn't the first sleeved blanket

(Newser) - Casual observers—meaning late-night TV watchers—probably think the sleeved-blanket craze started with the Snuggie. Easy mistake: The ads showing cultish, cozy Snuggie converts are everywhere, and 4 million have been sold since October, the New York Times reports. But the creator of the Slanket wants to set the record... More »

4 Stories