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NYC Yanks Kids From Pothead Parents

Marijuana, cocaine, heroin given same treatment by child welfare agencies

(Newser) - Heroin, cocaine, and Mary Jane are all treated the same by child welfare authorities in New York City: even a legal amount of marijuana at home means your children can be taken away, even permanently, the New York Times reports. Several hundred of the city's casual dope smokers have... More »

Son Sues Mom for Not Stopping Dad's Beatings

British man says she failed a mother's basic duty

(Newser) - A man in Britain who suffered daily beatings from his father is suing his mother for not stopping them. The 32-year-old wants more than $70,000 because he says his mom failed a mother's basic duty—protecting her offspring. "She should not have allowed her volatile husband to remain... More »

Young Slumdog Actor Gets Beating From Father

(Newser) - Angered that his son wouldn’t play to a crowd welcoming 10-year-old Slumdog Millionaire actor Azharuddin Mohammed back to Mumbai, the boy’s father administered a public beating today, the Sun reports. Azharuddin arrived home yesterday following the film’s Oscar triumph, and had the day off school; when he... More »

3 Stories