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8 Celebrities Who Got Their Start as Backup Singers

Mariah Carey was a dancer, too

(Newser) - Not everyone skyrockets directly to fame: Ranker lists 24 celebrities who started out as backup singers. A sampling:
  • Katy Perry: When she still went by her birth name of Katy Hudson, she sang backup for P.O.D. and appeared in one of the band's 2006 music videos ("
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20 Biggest Pop Culture Letdowns of 2012

C'mon, Gwen, this is the best you can do after four years?

(Newser) - It's the end of the year: time to look back on the things we loved —and the things that severely, severely disappointed us. Zap2it runs down the 20 biggest pop culture letdowns of 2012:
  • Tim Tebow: He was awesome with the Broncos, but since being traded to the
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No Doubt Pulls Video After Critics Cry Racism

Gwen Stefani gets tied up in Native American garb

(Newser) - Dressing up Gwen Stefani as a sexy Native American and having her bound at gunpoint—who could be offended? The Native American community and fans in general, apparently, so No Doubt has pulled its "Looking Hot" video from YouTube, US reports. The band says in a statement that it... More »

Paramore: The New No Doubt

And they're touring together—time for some heart-to-hearts!

(Newser) - Paramore isn’t just opening for No Doubt this summer—Paramore is the new No Doubt, argues James Montgomery for MTV. The “glaring similarity” between the bands is “the dynamic, iconic frontwoman who also doubles as the media focal point”—both “pretty girls with dye jobs... More »

No Doubt Tour Has Stefani Feeling 'Modern Again'

(Newser) - No Doubt is back on tour after 5 years, but don’t call it a reunion. Breaking up “was never discussed,” guitarist Tom Dumont tells the Los Angeles Times. “It was specifically discussed as 'Let's not be one of these bands that breaks up and gets back... More »

Gossip Girl to Host No Doubt Reunion

(Newser) - No Doubt will kick off a reunion tour in May, but first the band is going to make a guest appearance on Gossip Girl, reports Rolling Stone. Because the show doesn’t feature a performance venue like the Peach Pit in the old 90210, the episode will likely take a... More »

6 Stories