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Mayor Thinks People on Welfare 'Flaunt It,' Has Plan

Maine mayor wants their names, addresses listed online

(Newser) - "The days of being quiet are gone," Robert Macdonald writes in a column in the Twin City Times . And what does the Republican mayor of Lewiston, Maine, want to break the silence on? People on welfare are "gaming the system," he tells the Portland Press Herald ... More »

Out: Pol Who Said Women on Welfare Should Be Sterilized

Former Ariz. Sen. Russell Pearce resigns after controversial radio statements

(Newser) - The man described as "the John Wayne of the airwaves" on radio station KKNT will have a more limited platform for his tough talk about women on public assistance and their right to give birth. Russell Pearce, a former Arizona senator who has been outspoken on the subject of... More »

The Hidden Cost of Cheap Fast Food: $7B in Aid

Maybe those burgers aren't such a bargain, after all

(Newser) - Think that dollar menu is a bargain? All that cheap fast food comes with a hidden cost to taxpayers, according to a new report. Researchers at UC Berkley have found that low-paid burger-flippers cost US taxpayers $7 billion a year in social welfare programs, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. A... More »

More People With PhDs Going on Food Stamps

Number of advanced degree holders on public assistance doubles

(Newser) - Melissa Bruninga Matteau has a PhD in medieval history, and a job as an adjunct professor, but she's still relying on food stamps and Medicaid to get by. "I am not a welfare queen," she tells the Chronicle of Higher Education . But with take home pay of... More »

Octomom Goes on Welfare, Gets Threats

Nadya Suleman's family now getting $2K a month from California

(Newser) - Octomom is on the skids: Things have gotten so tight for Nadya Suleman that not only did she give the world topless pictures that no one ever, ever wanted to see, she is now officially on welfare. And it seems that many a California taxpayer is incensed at the prospect... More »

Oklahoma May Drug Test Would-Be Politicians

Amendment tacked onto welfare recipient bill

(Newser) - Oklahoma Republicans want welfare recipients to pass a drug test before receiving public assistance—and the state's politicians may be subjected to the same requirement before seeking office. Democratic legislators, irked by the original Republican-sponsored welfare drug test bill, added an amendment that would require would-be politicians to also... More »

Food Stamps Make You Fatter

Limited budget may promote unhealthy choices

(Newser) - Barack Obama might like to think that the down-and-out are using food stamps to buy arugala at Whole Foods, but as Science Daily reports, people tend to gain weight on food stamps. The average benefit of $81 a month doesn't go a long way toward nutritious foods, researchers suggest in... More »

Welfare Rolls Soar Along With Unemployment

Many make shift as jobless benefits run out

(Newser) - Welfare rolls are on the rise nationwide for the first time since President Clinton signed a bill overhauling the system in 1996, the Wall Street Journal reports. Welfare recipients’ ranks fell in some areas at the beginning of the recession, but now 23 of the 30 biggest US states are... More »

Record 32.2M Get Food Stamps

(Newser) - More than 32 million people in the US are now receiving food stamps—a full tenth of the population, Reuters reports. The record enrollment in January marks the third time in 5 months the total has increased. Numbers rose in all but four states. Recipients got an average of $112.... More »

What Disdain for Octuplet Mom Says About Us

(Newser) - All the outrage over Nadya Suleman and her octuplets is a little disingenuous, Raina Kelley writes in Newsweek. “Because, in truth, we created Octomom. With our glorification of bizarre behavior, we dare the emotionally needy to shock and appall us,” Kelley writes. “And then we slam them.... More »

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