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Campaigns Plunge Reporters Into Depression

It's loathing and loathing on the campaign trail

(Newser) - You think you're depressed by this political campaign season? Pity the poor reporters, some of whom are facing a career crisis as they stare into the abyss of their jobs. The rattling revelations started with New York Times Magazine reporter Mark Leibovich, who bemoaned the soul-destroying "joylessness" of... More »

Issa Fires Spokesman Over Email Flap

Kurt Bardella shared journalists' emails with a reporter

(Newser) - The congressman in charge of investigating Congress made quick work of an investigation into his own staff. Darrell Issa, the aggressive chair of the House Oversight panel, fired spokesman Kurt Bardella today because he shared journalists' emails with a New York Times reporter, the Hill reports. ( Click for an... More »

Darrell Issa Probing Own Staffer

House Oversight Committee chairman's press secretary faces probe

(Newser) - The Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee has launched an investigation into the behavior of his own press secretary. Darrell Issa says he's trying to determine whether Kurt Bardella improperly shared emails from other journalists with New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich, who is writing a book about Capitol... More »

White House Reporters Trade Puff for Access

The 'beat sweetener' laudatory profile is early-term tradition

(Newser) - Readers of just about any national news outlet might’ve noticed a flood of good press about top White House aides lately. It’s not coincidence, and it’s not bias, Michael Calderone writes for Politico. Called a “beat sweetener,” such pieces aim to cultivate sources by praising... More »

4 Stories