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Gal Spurns Proposal on 'Ellen'—or Was It Fake?

Degeneres' awkward laughter looks a little weird

(Newser) - A man faced the ultimate rejection on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week, taking bended knee and offering a ring—only to be turned down, the Huffington Post reports. But was it all a hoax? Wannabe hubby Jacob Waterdale watched his girlfriend Jodie react with sobs: "I can't!... More »

India Rejects Deal on Gandhi Glasses

(Newser) - India has rejected a donation offer from the owner of Mahatma Gandhi’s personal effects, set for auction today in New York, the Times reports. James Otis, a peace activist who owns Gandhi’s glasses, watch, and sandals, wanted India to exhibit the items or increase spending on its poor... More »

Facebook Identity Cops Diss Real Yodas, Batmans

(Newser) - Facebook has a thing against funny names, particularly if they’re actually yours, the Washington Post reports. Caitlin Shaw, who wanted to add her maiden name, Batman, to her profile, endured weeks of back-and-forth emails, while Starkiller Unleashed sails through. Facebook says it scrutinizes the real applicants because they are... More »

3 Stories