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Rare Attack in Syria Kills US Service Member

Explosion in northern Syria also killed another member of the US-led coalition

(Newser) - A roadside bomb in northern Syria killed two coalition personnel, including an American, and wounded five others in a rare attack since the US-led coalition sent troops into the war-torn country, a US defense official said Friday. The military didn't say where the attack took place, but it came... More »

Putin Announces Russian Withdrawal From Syria

'The fatherland is waiting for you, my friends'

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin declared victory in Syria on a surprise visit to the country Monday and announced that he'd ordered the withdrawal of Russian troops. He was joined by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad during his visit to the Khmeimim air base, which was Putin's first known trip to the... More »

Taliban Pose as Hotties to Dupe Soldiers on Facebook

Australian officials warn troops to be cautious online

(Newser) - That attractive woman befriending you on Facebook? She may be a Taliban soldier in disguise, trying to squeeze you for vital information—at least if you're an Australian soldier, The Sunday Telegraph reports. An Australian government review found that Taliban had duped unsuspecting Aussie soldiers online, that 1,577... More »

Alaska May Let Troops Drink at 18

Old enough to serve, old enough to drink, lawmaker says

(Newser) - "Any soldier who braves military combat and risks their life for our country should be treated like an adult—in every sense of the word," says Alaska lawmaker Bob Lynn. The Republican has revived an old controversy with a bill that would allow members of the military under... More »

Saudi Arabia Sends 1K Troops Into Bahrain

Opposition groups call move war threat

(Newser) - More than 1,000 troops from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries entered Bahrain today to protect important oil and power facilities, a Saudi official tells the Wall Street Journal . The move comes a day after violent protests rocked Bahrain, notes Reuters , and mostly-Shiite opposition groups are likening it to... More »

To Honor Troops, Stop Playing the National Anthem

Instead, read names of fallen service members

(Newser) - If you don't know anyone in the military, it can be shockingly easy to forget that the US has been at war for almost an entire decade. A good remedy would be making the cost, particularly in human terms, more visible, writes John Baldoni. He suggests that the national anthem... More »

Army Wives Get Their Own Training: Burlesque

'Operation Bombshell' good for lonely women and returning men

(Newser) - Operation Bombshell is not taking place in some far-off locale, but right here at home, and it’s our troops who are on the receiving end of some pretty heavy firepower: their wives’ burlesque talents. As a friendly neighborhood service, a dancer-turned-Army-wife is schooling her compatriots in some tricks intended... More »

Cell Transplant Saves Soldier From Diabetes

Cells from his damaged pancreas produce insulin in liver

(Newser) - University of Miami doctors spared wounded airman Tre Porfirio a lifetime of severe diabetes with a first-of-its-kind emergency cell transplant from his own bullet-riddled kidney. Porfirio had been shot in the back in Afghanistan, forcing Walter Reed’s doctors to remove much of his stomach and intestines. They had planned... More »

4 US Troops Killed in Afghan Attacks

Death toll for month up to 15

(Newser) - Four US troops have been killed in southern and eastern Afghanistan in the last 24 hours. Three were killed by bombs yesterday and today, while a fourth was killed in a firefight. The casualties bring the death toll for the month to 15. October, when 58 US fighters were killed,... More »

Hasan Warned of Threat From Muslims in Military

Fort Hood suspect spoke of suicide bombings in 2007 lecture

(Newser) - Nidal Hasan warned that "adverse events" could occur if Muslims weren't allowed to leave the US military in a bizarre presentation he gave to Army physicians in 2007 at the end of his residency at Walter Reed Medical Center. The psychiatrist lectured senior doctors on Islam, the Koran, and... More »

Months of Clues Missed in Hasan Rampage

Shrink grew increasingly agitated, but superiors didn't act

(Newser) - Signs that the Fort Hood gunman could snap emerged not just days before his deadly rampage, but months earlier, say witnesses. Major Nidal Malik Hasan bought a gun soon after he arrived at the base last summer, and grew increasingly agitated and vocal over years about his opposition to the... More »

Army Launches Wiki Field Manuals

(Newser) - The US Army has borrowed an idea—and some software—from Wikipedia to introduce field manuals any soldier can edit, the New York Times reports. Seven manuals have been opened for editing by anybody from private to general in a trial program the military says is an effort to close... More »

US to Pressure Brits for More Troops in Afghanistan

(Newser) - The US is expected to push for more British troops to help fight the Taliban in Afghanistan, a move certain to be unpopular with the British public, reports the Guardian. NATO Gen. Stanley McChrystal will likely recommend to President Obama that the current total of 150,000 Afghan troops should... More »

Fallujah Video Game Sparks Vet Family Fury

(Newser) - A realistic video game featuring a historic Fallujah battle involving US forces in Iraq has incensed vets and their families, reports ABC News. Six Days in Fallujah is due out next year, and involves Marine consultants to ensure accuracy of the action. "It's upsetting," said a mom who... More »

Nine Bodies Discovered Near Ciudad Juarez

Troops descend on Juarez in bid to end cartel violence

(Newser) - Mexican police yesterday discovered the bodies of seven men and two women in the desert south of Ciudad Juarez yesterday, CNN reports. The grisly find comes as increasing violence among the country's drug cartels continues to shatter Juarez and other border cities. The conflict has already claimed over 400 lives... More »

'Real IRA' Claims It Killed 2 UK Soldiers

Prime minister rips 'evil, cowardly' ambush

(Newser) - An organization called "The Real IRA" claimed responsibility today for killing two British soldiers at a Northern Ireland army base, the Independent reports. Four other people, including two pizza delivery men, were seriously wounded in the drive-by ambush, reports the Times of London. The attack occurred just miles... More »

Mexican Soldiers Charged With Protecting Cartel Capos

Blow dealt to president's plan to use soldiers to wipe out drug gangs

(Newser) - Mexican authorities have arrested a dozen soldiers accused of working with one of the nation's murderous drug cartels, reports Reuters. The development deals a serious blow to President Felipe Calderon's strategy to use soldiers to fight the gangs and clean up corruption in the police force. The troops have been... More »

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