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15% of Teens Expect to Die Young

Expectation linked to risky behavior

(Newser) - Teenagers who engage in risky behavior may do so because they believe they’re going to die young anyway, and may create a self-fulfilling prophecy with that belief, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. A study that tracked 20,000 kids in grades 7 through 12 found that 15% thought they... More »

You Can Dance If You Want to ... Just Not in Vietnam

Ban mulled to curb drugs, prostitution

(Newser) - Vietnam is considering a measure aimed at eliminating drugs and prostitution that might seem strange to Westerners: banning dancing. The edict would only apply to karaoke bars, reports GlobalPost, and it has a surprising amount of support from people who agree that dancing in such venues is usually a cover... More »

Army May Not Want You So Bad After All

Jobless rate drives surge in applicants

(Newser) - Rising unemployment and safer conditions in Iraq have boosted interest in joining the Army, allowing recruiters to raise acceptance standards. The Washington Post reports that felons and recent drug users need not apply, and the pool of applicants also is better educated. For the first time since 2004, the Army... More »

Study Links Cannabis to Testicular Cancer

THC may intercept cancer-fighting chemicals

(Newser) - Cannabis use has been linked to a significant increase in the risk of developing testicular cancer, the Independent reports. Those who light up have a 70% higher risk of getting nonseminoma cancer—found in younger men—and the odds worsen with frequency and duration of use, the research has found.... More »

Do Vast Lungs Equal a Monster High?

Phelps' super-size lungs help him absorb THC quickly

(Newser) - Michael Phelps' lungs—those that secured him enough Olympic gold to start a mint—are made for a stupendous high, reports Slate. They hold twice the smoke of an average human's, speeding up his THC absorption. But at his size (6-foot-4 and 195 pounds), Phelps needs a lot more weed... More »

Another Kind of White Powder Hits Ski Slopes

Cocaine arrests up 60% at Europe's leading winter resorts

(Newser) - In the lodges of Austria's winter resorts, mulled wine has given way to more stimulating après-ski treats: cocaine and ecstasy. Austrian police report a 60% rise in drug-related arrests in ski areas and say that bartenders and ski instructors are turning into part-time dealers during the season. "... More »

US War on Drugs Has Failed: Report

Americans urged to focus on treatment, prevention, gun sales

(Newser) - America is treating the symptoms rather than the disease of drug use, and its war on drugs will continue to fail unless it changes course, a new report by an influential Washington think tank finds. The report urges the US to develop stronger ties in the Caribbean and Latin America,... More »

Sex, Ethics Scandal Rocks Interior Dept. Oil Agency

Probes reveal sex, drugs, improper dealings in 'culture of ethical failure'

(Newser) - It's not quite the Interior Department Gone Wild, but it's not that far off, either. A dozen current and former employees of the departmental agency that deals with oil and gas royalties have been accused of having sex with reps of the energy industry, illegally accepting gifts, using cocaine in... More »

Paper Money Often Has Traces of Cocaine

Spanish study gives new meaning to 'drug money'

(Newser) - Chances are, you're carrying cocaine in your wallet. Trace amounts of it, anyway. A new Spanish study finds that paper money around the world is often contaminated with cocaine, LiveScience reports. Though concentrations vary by year and city, US bills had an average of up to 28.8 micrograms of... More »

Without Doping, Where's the Fun?

Nowhere, if this year's Tour de France is any sign

(Newser) - Doping in sports makes some fans uncomfortable, but it keeps others on the edges of their seats, writes Joel Stein in the LA Times. Case in point: This year's largely shenanigans-free Tour de France has been an exercise in boredom. “Before you argue that your favorite sport has to... More »

Colombia to Americans: Cocaine Kills Environment

Drug-makers are destroying Colombia's precious rainforest

(Newser) - Colombia is adding a new tactic in its campaign to persuade Americans to stop buying cocaine: a plea for the environment. The government wants to spread the message to users—especially, say, wealthy professionals who dutifully recycle but also partake of the drug—that cocaine growers are running roughshod over... More »

Barenaked Ladies Singer Busted on Coke Charges

Page nabbed in NY apartment

(Newser) - Barenaked Ladies frontman Steven Page has been busted on cocaine charges, the Canadian Press reports. The singer for the Toronto-based band, which recently released a CD for children, Snacktime, was caught with drugs in an apartment in upstate New York, according to authorities. Page, 38, posted $10,000 bail and... More »

Weed Potency Hits 30-Year High

Study finds THC levels have doubled since 1983, raising mental health worries

(Newser) - Today's marijuana is the strongest crop since the heyday of Cheech and Chong, a new study finds. University researchers who analyzed seized samples dating back to the '70s found the level of active ingredient THC hit an average of 9.6% last year, up almost 1% from the year before... More »

Dude...Where's My Sponsor?

As 4/20 nears holiday status, pot-smokers' festivities curry favor with advertisers

(Newser) - Major corporations are trying to see dollar signs through the haze of pot smoke hovering over this year's 4/20 stonerpalooza, as the pseudo-holiday gains national attention with its large, (idly) devoted following on college campuses. This year, festivities will include stoner cinema debuts like "Harold and Kumar Escape From... More »

Bobby Blames Whitney for His Drug Abuse

In new book, he also says they married to quell lesbian rumors

(Newser) - Bobby Brown has put his latest salvo at ex-wife Whitney Houston in writing, E! reports, claiming in an upcoming book that she turned him on to cocaine and that their "doomed-from-the-very-beginning" marriage was mainly aimed to quell rumors about her sexuality. Bobby Brown: The Truth, the Whole Truth and ... More »

Clintonites Deny Pushing Photo

Obama camp says 'fear-mongering' comes from rival

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's campaign denies circulating a 2006 photo of Barack Obama wearing traditional African clothing and a turban, even as the Obama campaign blames its rival, calling the incident “shameful, offensive fear-mongering,” the Chicago Tribune reports. The Drudge Report ran the image this morning, saying it had been... More »

Obama Drug Use Minimal: Old Friends

Candor about teenage 'bad decisions' may have been overstated

(Newser) - In his memoir Barack Obama makes a rare admission—for a politician—of  “some bad decisions” as a teenager, of indulging in drinking and drugs before political activism led him out of apathy. But friends remember an already-focused Obama: an eloquent, poised young intellectual, active against South African apartheid... More »

Winehouse = Cobain?

Probing Amy's self-destructive public persona

(Newser) - Amy Winehouse’s career, writes James Hannaham for Slate, is just the sort of brilliant train wreck you’d think would get cut short by tragic rock 'n' roll death: With her considerable talent and public penchant for self-destruction, Winehouse evokes other music casualties such as Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix... More »

Clinton Rejects Staffs' Attacks on Obama

She denounces, seeks to distance herself from drug slam

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton yesterday rejected and distanced herself from an official in her campaign who suggested that Barack Obama's teenage drug use could be used against him if he becomes the Democratic nominee. The official's statement "was in no way condoned," Clinton said. "I didn't know about it,... More »

Hillary Aide Out Over Obama Drug Comments

Shaheen misstep forced personal apology from Clinton to rival

(Newser) - Bill Shaheen, Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire campaign co-chairman, resigned today over his remarks that rival Democratic candidate Barack Obama’s teenage drug use could leave him vulnerable to Republican attacks in a general election, the Boston Globe reports. Clinton apologized personally to Obama for Shaheen’s remarks at Reagan National... More »

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