2009 NCAA Tournament

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Sports, Edgier Fare Dominate the White House TiVo

Sports channels are expected; edgier fare may surprise you

(Newser) - If you judge a man by the channels he turns to, then President Obama is sporty, but with a hip edge. There’s no chance he passed up a replay of Monday's NCAA men’s basketball championship on his flight home from Iraq, sources tell Politico, but Obama is equally... More »

Tar Heels Trample Spartans to Take Title

(Newser) - Now Tyler Hansbrough, Ty Lawson, Wayne Ellington, and Danny Green can head to the NBA feeling good about their decision to return to school. The upperclassmen led North Carolina to its fifth national championship with an 89-72 blowout of Michigan State tonight in Detroit, reports the AP. "We've been... More »

Don't Dismiss Spartans in UNC Rematch

(Newser) - Rationally, Michigan State shouldn’t have prayer in tonight’s NCAA basketball title game, writes Chris Dufresne in the Los Angeles Times. Earlier this season, North Carolina didn’t just beat the Spartans, it demolished them 98-63—and the Tar Heels have only gotten better since. “Cold hard facts... More »

NCAA Tourney as Boring as Ever

Popularity has sucked all the charm out of the tournament

(Newser) - In the '60s and '70s, the NCAA tournament was boring because UCLA seemingly always won. These days, "instead of UCLA winning it every year, there are now between five and nine UCLAs that can win it every year," Charles Pierce writes for Slate. "It's just as... More »

Detroit Hopes for NCAA Boost

(Newser) - Downtown Detroit will be hopping this weekend, as hoops fans overrun the city for the Final Four. But outside the carousing along the city’s spruced-up main drag, things look as dire as ever, the Washington Post reports. One in five residents are unemployed, and abandoned homes and factories line... More »

Obama, DC Elite Are NCAA Washouts

(Newser) - Barack Obama may be a gifted politician, but a gifted bracketologist he is not. NCAA brackets across the nation’s capital were shredded this weekend, the Hill reports, as a slew of upsets took down all but one of the tournament’s top seeds. Just one member of the president’... More »

Louisville, UNC Roll Into Elite 8

(Newser) - Louisville, UNC, Oklahoma, and Michigan are all headed to the Elite Eight after an occasionally ugly night of basketball. Here’s how it went down:  
  • In a night of lopsided victories, no one dominated more than Louisville. The Cardinals demolished Arizona 103-64, one of the most crushing blowouts the
... More »

Kentucky Bounces Hoops Coach Gillispie

(Newser) - Two seasons, including one without an NCAA tournament appearance, were enough for Kentucky basketball coach Billy Gillispie, ESPN reports. The school will announce his departure this afternoon. Gillispie notched 40 wins in Lexington, but also racked up 27 losses, including 14 this season as the Wildcats, whose seven men’s... More »

Missouri, 'Nova Make Elite 8

Wildcats crush Blue Devils; Missouri comes out top in Tigers showdown

(Newser) - Villanova and Missouri have powered through to the Elite Eight, reports the Los Angeles Times. Villanova rolled over Duke 77-54 to set up a Big East showdown with Pittsburgh. Wildcats guard Scottie Reynolds scored a game-high 16 points, while the No. 2 seeded Blue Devils were held to their worst... More »

This March, Not Madness But Predictability

(Newser) - After the “four-day basketball binge that each year makes up one of the best stretches in American sports,” the results are a little, well, boring, Pete Thamel writes in the New York Times. “The tournament has been as predictable as a 401(k)’s decline or Jim Nantz’... More »

In Online Traffic, It's Truly Madness

(Newser) - Despite a lack of surprises on the court, the first day of March Madness saw a huge jump in visits to the CBS website as well as a bump in TV ratings, the Business Insider reports. The 2.7 million viewers of streaming video online represented a 56% increase over... More »

High Profile Helps Drive Obama Agenda

Omnipresent president risks diluting his brand, experts warn

(Newser) - Don’t look now, but President Obama’s on TV again. And gracing magazine covers, delivering a radio address, even on the Web making NCAA tournament picks. The "Everywhere President” strategy is a gamble, as evidenced by the fact that Republicans haven't retired the "celebrity" put-down. One... More »

No Shockers on Day One

(Newser) - It was a disappointingly sane opening to March Madness yesterday, writes ESPN’s Mark Schlabach. Only four out of the 16 games were won by the lower seeds, and only one of those—12-seed Western Kentucky over 5-seed Illinois—approached headline status. Top seeds UNC and UConn rolled, with UConn... More »

YouTube Streaming NCAA Games

Site launches broadcasts with little fanfare

(Newser) - YouTube started streaming NCAA tournament games yesterday from CBS, joining several other sites, including ESPN, AOL, and Yahoo, CNET reports. But it seems strange, writes Greg Sandoval, that neither CBS nor YouTube has done much to promote the broadcasts there, given an audience recently estimated at more than 100 million.... More »

Horns Beat Gophers 76-62 With Abrams Onslaught

Texas wins fourth straight opener with barrage of 3-pointers

(Newser) - The Texas Longhorns set up a second-round match against Duke with a 76-62 win over Minnesota in their NCAA opener, reports AP. AJ Abrams—whose 3-pointers were credited with getting the Longhorns to within a game of the Final Four last year—was as deadly as ever at long range,... More »

March Madness Sets Standard for Online Sports

(Newser) - If you're reading this with an NCAA tournament game streaming live in another browser tab, you're in good company: In 2008, nearly 5 million people watched March Madness online, reports the Chicago Tribune. The tipping point between novelty and mainstay came 4 years ago, when CBS made access free,... More »

Duke, and Other March Villains

(Newser) - Along with the obligatory madness, March always brings along a slew of detestable teams and characters. This year, thankfully, Billy Packer is gone, but Josh Levin, writing for Slate, still has plenty to disparage. The list starts, as always, with:
  • Duke: This isn’t the most deplorable squad ever, but
... More »

Obama Picks His Final Four

(Newser) - President Obama has followed through on a campaign promise and filled out an NCAA basketball tournament bracket for ESPN, the sports network reports. Obama pledged in October to edify the college basketball audience with his picks, provided he won the election. His Final Four? Louisville, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, and Memphis.... More »

How to Pick NCAA Brackets and Not Go Mad in March

Don't let college basketball brackets control you

(Newser) - Obsessing over your NCAA tournament bracket? A time-management expert tells Esquire how to keep the March Madness time-suck under control.
  • Admit you have a problem—possibly after someone tells you, "You really seem to be getting over-involved with this whole thing.”
  • Cut back. Sure, "cutting it out
... More »

Don't Buy Big East Hoop Hype

Conference hasn't lived up to its reputation in recent years

(Newser) - With March Madness upon us, the hype machine is cranking up again about the Big East, with powers like Louisville, Connecticut, and Pittsburgh. Mike Celizic covered the conference’s period of dominance in the 1980s, but he’s no longer convinced, he writes for NBC Sports. The league has won... More »

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