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Wolfram's Latest IDs What's In Your Photos

At least, it tries to...

(Newser) - You probably can already identify the contents of most of your photos, but this is still fun. A new website from Stephen Wolfram, whom you may know from the search tool WolframAlpha , lets you drag and drop any photo; it will then in theory identify what's in it. Right... More »

'Google Killer' Search Site Clever, but Not Killer

WolframAlpha analyzes existing data to answer questions

(Newser) - The search engine some are calling a “Google Killer” launched Friday, and tech critics see potential—though the science-heavy searcher is no replacement for Google, notes Mike Harvey in the Times of London.
  • WolframAlpha “takes serious scientific data and produces answers that simply don't exist as easily or
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Search Service Will Answer Questions Google Can't

Though not intended to dethrone the search king, Wolfram Alpha will compete for clicks

(Newser) - WolframAlpha, a powerful new Web service that can answer a vast array of questions, has already answered one: No, it is not intended to dethrone Google. The site’s creator, scientist and entrepreneur Stephen Wolfram, is “not keen on the hype,” but others believe WolframAlpha could be a... More »

New Search Engine Won't Delete Google

(Newser) - A British math whiz plans to roll out a revolutionary search engine this year, but that doesn't mean Google is doomed, Saul Hansell writes in the New York Times. “Google is a company,” while the search engine "is a technology," Hansell writes, responding to a blog... More »

4 Stories